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Say yes to forever with custom engagement rings from Singapore’s top bespoke jewellery stores

Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore

For a uniquely personal proposal, design a one-of-a-kind engagement ring with Singapore’s best bespoke jewellers.

Wedding proposals are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion – the engagement ring should be equally brilliant. While a one-carat Tiffany ring is undeniably elegant, it’s the personal touch and bespoke craftsmanship that we’re after. Not only is a custom engagement ring treasured for being one of a kind, but it’s also a timeless representation of you and your significant other’s journey.

Cue the fanfare with these 12 bespoke jewellery stores that offer custom engagement rings, where artisans turn quality gems into heirloom pieces.

Why should you pick a bespoke engagement ring?

While all engagement rings are meaningful, creating a bespoke ring from scratch adds an extra layer of significance to the accessory. Whether you choose to go into it alone or hand-in-hand with your partner, the result will be a ring that can serve as a great start to your proposal story when people inevitably ask how it happened. 

You’ll get to personalise various aspects of the ring, from the preferred gemstones to the band’s design. Perhaps most popular amongst couples is the opportunity to engrave their initials or anniversary date, marking it as a clear symbol of their love.

What is the price range of a bespoke engagement ring in Singapore?

The price range varies greatly, reflecting the bespoke nature of each engagement ring. It all depends on the ring itself, but one must consider the raw materials, hours of craftsmanship, and the reputation of the jeweller. Bespoke jewellers are usually helmed by artisans with deep knowledge of different gemstones and who are highly skilled at jewellery design.

As a starting price, you can expect a bespoke engagement ring to start at a few thousand dollarsthis will go up significantly depending on preferences and complexity of the design. Do consult your chosen jeweller directly for a more accurate estimate.

Another factor to consider is the time taken to craft a bespoke ring; it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, so give yourself enough time before the engagement.

1. Calla Lily

Repurposed family heirloomsCalla Lily - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores SingaporeImage: Calla Lily

Bespoke jewellery studio Calla Lily aims to create engagement rings that celebrate the individuality of each couple by incorporating their stories into the design process. It’s no wonder that their creations are at the forefront, as founder and creative lead Emily Tan has worked with the likes of Jimmy Choo Couture in London and Marni in Milan. 

Gems are meticulously sourced for their clarity and intensity from far-flung locales such as Brazil, Colombia, Tanzania, and Myanmar. Visit their studio in Tiong Bahru to witness their artistry firsthand. While bespoke jewellery is their forte, they also offer services like repurposing family heirlooms and reimagining old pieces.

Price: Contact the boutique directly


2. H. Sena

Multi-generational jeweller since 1935

H. Sena - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (1)Image: H. Sena

Few jewellers can boast a legacy of cutting gems and designing heirlooms for close to a century. As a multi-generational family business, it’s safe to say that the jewellers at H. Sena know what they’re doing. Here, you can customise from start to finish, by picking your ideal band design, diamond mount, and quality gem.

They’ve got a selection of loose gems at the ready too. Since they pride themselves on using only conflict-free GIA certified gems, you’ll have peace of mind when proposing with one of their custom-designed rings. H. Sena also holds a large selection of vintage and heritage pieces for sale.

Price: From $4,500 for a one-carat halo ring


3. Artemis Rings

Natural mined diamonds

Artemis Rings - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (7)Image: Artemis Rings

It’s truly a showcase of one-of-a-kind rings at Artemis Rings, where they take it as their own personal calling to interpret your vision. Head down to their store along Purvis Street to see their portfolio of abstract rings – it’s a medley of creativity and fine craftsmanship.

So far, past customers have been more than pleased with jeweller Sandra Chew’s passion for the craft. She also comes highly lauded for her attention to detail, while capturing the most meaningful elements of your relationship into one exquisite ring.

Price: Contact the boutique directly 


4. Storis

Fairytale-like handcrafted rings

Storis - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (5)Image: Storis

Once you step into the retail boutique of Storis at Raffles Hotel, the search for the perfect engagement ring begins. They emphasise the thought and care that go into customising the ring rather than just the final product. Begin with a free consultation, where you can hear their expert recommendations and insights.

While you’ll be working on the design together, Storis is known for their fairytale-like creations featuring pastel sapphires and natural pink diamonds. Your custom-made ring will take at least 3 months to create, so you’ve got ample time to plan your dream proposal.

Price: From $3,000 for an engagement ring or $2,500 for a pair of wedding bands


5. Madly Gems

Quality range of coloured gems

Madly Gems - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (8)Image: Madly Gems

Bespoke jewellery store Madly Gems sits pretty along Ann Siang Hill, housed in a pre-war conservation shophouse. Rather than the traditional round brilliant cut diamonds, expect a treasure trove of coloured gems. Founder and radio DJ Maddy Barber cherry-picks only the top 0.1 percent of gemstones, ensuring that what you receive is a rare, bold, and sparkling gem.

You will be working closely with their in-house designers to create your dream ring, and the intricate jewellery-making process only starts after you approve the final sketch. It’ll take roughly 9 to 12 weeks to receive the ring. All jewellery is made with 18k gold, with platinum settings available upon request.

Price: from $3,500 for bespoke pieces


6. August Bespoke

3D modelling for a realistic preview

August Bespoke - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (5)Image: August Bespoke

At custom jeweller August Bespoke, you hold the reins to design the perfect ring. Start with the basics: choose the gemstone type, shape, design, and type of gold. Based on your preferred quality, cut, and value, they’ll curate an exclusive selection of gemstones just for you.

They also use cutting-edge 3D modelling for photo-realistic visuals to bring your bespoke engagement ring to life. Patience is rewarded, as this masterpiece takes up to 8 weeks to craft. The pièce de résistance? Your exquisite ring is hand-delivered by the team in a charming, intimate setting over tea. They’ll even offer you tips on how to present an unforgettable proposal.

Price: from $5,000 for an engagement ring or $1,800 for wedding bands


7. Carrie K.

Different levels of ring customisation

Carrie K. - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (1)Image: Carrie K.

At Carrie K., you’re the co-designer of your perfect engagement ring. You’ll find quality diamonds here, whether lab-grown or naturally mined. Choose exactly how involved you’d like to be in the customisation process from 3 different levels: a made-to-order design with a chosen gem, a custom design where you can mix and match various designs, or a bespoke design that’s entirely made from scratch. Without a doubt, opt for the latter since it allows for the most personalised creation. They’ll also provide a 3D render and scaled 3D prototype for a glimpse of your dream ring.

Price: Contact the boutique directly


8. Infiniti Jewels

Price-matched diamonds

Infiniti Jewels - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (2)Image: Infiniti Jewels

No need to worry about being taken for a ride with Infiniti Jewels and their fair price-matching promise. The world of fine jewellery might sometimes be tricky to navigate, and these assurances are fully in place so you’re confident in your ultimate choice.

You’ll also be directly collaborating with their team of seasoned craftsmen, making the most of a free personalised consultation. Experts will recommend suitable investment-grade gems and share their wealth of knowledge on diamonds. There’ll also be 3D drawings for you to take a look at the final design before confirming. It’ll take 6 to 8 weeks to craft the masterpiece, to make sure every detail is perfected exactly the way you envisioned.

Price: Contact the boutique directly


9. Ith

Handcrafted by Japanese artisans

Ith - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (3)Image: Ith

Having first started as a made-to-order jewellery atelier in the streets of Tokyo, Ith has branched out internationally to set up shop in the buzzing district of Tanjong Pagar. All rings are handcrafted in their studio in Japan by master artisans. One of the more popular customisations is adding gemstones as inner stones, such as sentimental ones like birthstones.

If you’re entirely at a loss for inspiration, you’ll benefit from their handy consultation service, where you can ask for design concepts based on a simple motif or image. They also offer a silver prototype ring for you to review before setting to work on the final piece.

Price: Contact their boutique directly


10. Caratell 

Breathes fresh life into old or heirloom jewellery

Caratell - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (9)Image: Caratell

As a reputable bespoke jewellery brand in Singapore, Caratell is one that caters to the discerning. It was first started by award-winning jeweller Michael Koh in the early 2000s, and he’s since gained international acclaim.

The bespoke process is meticulous here since Koh offers advice on the most minute of details – from skin tone suitability to the colour combination of gems. To him, it’s a work of art. All fine jewellery pieces are handcrafted in Singapore by a small in-house team of designers dedicated to perfection. Plus, they use only conflict-free diamonds and 18k gold settings.

Price: Contact the boutique directly


11. Bespoke by Tessellate

Handcrafted over 1,000 bespoke rings

Bespoke by Tessellate - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (4)Image: Tessellate

While Tessellate has a ready collection of dazzling engagement rings, it’s the bespoke service that you’ll be making a beeline for. They’ve handcrafted over a thousand unique rings, all personalised to each couple’s love story.

You’ll be spoiled for choice since they have a wide selection of stones, including natural gems, mined diamonds, and lab-grown diamonds. Set a consultation to view the gems and ring samples. The designer will then send an e-drawing for your approval, and depending on the ring’s complexity, it will be ready in 6 to 12 weeks.

Price: Contact their boutique directly


12. The Jewel Box

Private jewellery design house 

The Jewel Box - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (10)Image: The Jewel Box

There’s no better service than The Jewel Box, where they believe in personalised care and an unwavering attention to detail. Just as well that they have a repertoire of fine jewellery pieces that are handmade by experienced craftsmen. By using a mix of modern and traditional jewellery making techniques, their pieces are all timeless but with a creative flair. 

When creating a bespoke engagement ring with them, they will provide hand-sketched designs that are then processed through CAD for a more realistic glimpse. They also offer jewellery redesign and resetting, if you’re looking to entwine well-loved family heirlooms into your customised ring.

Price: Contact their boutique directly 


Bespoke engagement rings in Singapore

Finding the dream engagement ring is a journey like no other, with many recognising that the most meaningful ones involve a bespoke creation. The best bespoke jewellery stores in Singapore not only offer unparalleled craftsmanship and service, but also a timeless keepsake to celebrate your love story.

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