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Watch clubs in Singapore: indulge your love for timepieces

Watch Clubs Singapore

Revelling in the world of horology doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts at these exclusive watch clubs in Singapore.

To the discerning watch collector, every tick and tock echoes the exquisite craftsmanship and storied heritage engrained within. To put it simply, a watch is never merely a watch. Rather, it’s a masterpiece that’s been intricately designed to stand the test of time for generations ahead.

These watch clubs are not just for the appreciation of luxury watches, but also pay homage to the centuries of tradition and innovation behind each luxury timepiece. From special access to limited edition watches to regular get-togethers with fellow enthusiasts, these clubs can very well be part and parcel of your horological experience in Singapore.

1. 33Club

More than 500 exclusive and bespoke pieces available

Image: Christopher O’Grady for 33Club

While social club 33Club is all about getting the influential and elite together, it’s also centred around a common interest: the prestige of luxury watches. The watch boutique has a partnership with The Private Circle, where you’ll find exclusive timepieces that aren’t easily available on the open market. More than 500 exclusive and bespoke pieces are available, from coveted watchmakers like Patek Philippe and Rolex. 

Being a member puts you on the fast track for limited edition pieces. The club understands that if you’re a collector of timepieces, you’re likely to have other equally lavish hobbies such as the procurement of rare wines. Here, you’ll also have access to wine masterclasses led by winemakers and sommeliers.  

How to join: Register your interest and you will be contacted for an in-person visit. There is a one-off joining fee of $16,800 and $174 monthly fee thereafter.

33Club website

2. Singapore Watch Club

Regular events at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Singapore Watch Club
Singapore Watch Club’s 6th anniversary collaboration with Cartier.
Image: Singapore Watch Club

More often than not, most folks aren’t going to entertain horological topics surrounding the revival of vintage-inspired designs or the integration of silicon escapements – it’s not exactly polite dinner party conversation. But at the Singapore Watch Club, feel free to rant on about all the intricacies and nuances pertaining to luxury watches. Debating all aspects of horology, from construction to heritage, is most welcomed.

The Club often holds monthly events at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – a grand venue befitting of watch collecting. As their very own ethos goes, “watch collecting is most rewarding when done in company”. While founder Tom Chng himself is a collector of vintage Audemars Piguet, members have sprawling interests and have themselves worked on limited edition timepieces with renowned brands like Hublot, Cartier, and Ulysse Nardin.

How to join: It’s an invitation-only club, but you can write in to express your interest. You’ll then get an informal introduction at a monthly get-together before a proper induction.

Singapore Watch Club website

3. TickTockBelles

A watch community for women, by women

Watch Clubs Singapore -TickTockBelles
Image: TickTockBelles

In an attempt to defy all gender stereotypes surrounding the realm of luxury watches, came the notion of TickTockBelles – a watch community founded by women, for women. They’re loud and proud in their belief that women too appreciate the heritage, fine craftsmanship, and technical advances of such timepieces. 

Exclusivity reigns at their invite-only events, featuring brand-focused gatherings with the likes of Cartier Rendezvous and Vacheron Constantin Less’ential. They also often organise get-togethers with watch brands, watch retailers, and watchmakers. While such meet-ups are curated with women in mind, men are also welcome to join.

How to join: Write in to express your interest, and make sure to provide your Instagram handle.

TickTockBelles website 

4. Private Circle

A platform to buy, sell, consign, or trade

Watch Clubs Singapore - Private Circle
Image: Christopher O’Grady for 33Club and Private Circle

As the name aptly goes, members-only club Private Circle is exactly that, a private circle of watch enthusiasts who gather to buy, sell, consign, or trade. It’s intended as a space for watch owners to come together, no matter if collecting, investing, or simply admiring the heritage and fine craftsmanship of these luxury timepieces. 

They’ve opened their first retail boutique together with social club 33Club, offering bespoke watch services at Capitol Building, Raffles Place. You’ll find a huge range of watches, from beginner-level Rolex Submariners, a staple piece to start a luxury watch collection, to limited edition Patek Philippes. Private Circle also often talks shop – market trends and investment opportunities surrounding the luxury watch arena – while savouring a bottle of fine wine.

How to join: Schedule an appointment, and state whether you’re looking to buy, sell, consign, or source.

Private Circle website 

5. The Omega Watch Club

A community for Omega pieces

The Omega Watch Club
Image: The Omega Watch Club

Here’s one for the collectors of Omega, a true classic in the realm of luxury timepieces. With a heritage that dates back to 1848, it’s little wonder why this brand is a firm favourite for discerning enthusiasts. As a community specially for Omega pieces, the Omega Watch Club is active on both Instagram and Facebook, with the occasional meet-up. 

While the Club is centred around the exclusive world of luxury watches, they make it known that it’s a community for all to join – no matter if you’re about to purchase your very first watch or already have a massive collection. They also have occasional collaborations with retailers, providing special deals with watch strap-maker Solitaire Official. 

The Omega Watch Club website

6. The RedBar Singapore

A local spin-off of the world’s largest watch community

Watch Clubs Singapore -The RedBar Singapore
Image: The RedBar Singapore

It’s all for the joy of watch collecting at The RedBar Singapore, with its regular virtual and in-person events. This particular community is our local spin-off of the global RedBar group, the world’s largest watch community. 

Although recently founded in mid-2021, the group now has roughly 100 members or so – all avid watch enthusiasts and collectors who often arrange get-togethers to admire each other’s timepieces. The founders are said to be strongly averse to flaunting watches as a status symbol, and instead, places the focus on appreciating the legacy and craftsmanship of each piece.

How to join: You can request to join, but it’s typically by an invitation-only basis where you’ll need to be vouched by a current member.

The RedBar Singapore website

7. Grand Seiko GS9 Club

Exclusive access to Grand Seiko events

GS9 Club Miami - Singapore watch clubs
Image: GS9 Club Miami

With Grand Seiko known for its impeccable craftsmanship and understated elegance, it’s only right that its loyal collectors have their own Grand Seiko GS9 Club. This formal organisation is reserved only for Grand Seiko owners who have purchased their watch from a Singapore-based boutique from 2017 onwards. 

It not only allows them to join a large network of GS9 clubs around the world, but also unlocks a world of special events. There’s also a digital magazine that’s crammed full of interviews and exclusive content, for members only.

How to join: Show proof of purchase of a Grand Seiko from an authorised Grand Seiko Boutique, Salon or Mastershop within Singapore only.

Grand Seiko GS9 Club website

8. Atomos Watch Club

Making watch collecting accessible for younger generations

Watch Clubs Singapore -Atomos Watch Club
Image: Atomos Watch Club

While this might be an SMU university club, Atomos Watch Club holds their own in Singapore’s luxury watch scene. Their main goal? To make appreciating watches accessible for the younger folks. 

Rather than pigeonholing the hobby of watch collecting as one exclusively for the elite, this club welcomes all with watch masterclasses, networking events, and hands-on workshops. Occasionally, there’ll be other events focusing on cars, wines, and other such sophisticated pursuits too.

Atomos Watch Club website 

Luxury watch clubs in Singapore

Seasoned veterans or newcomers to the horological scene, these luxury watch clubs are the stomping ground for all collectors in Singapore. It’s through these watch get-togethers where you’ll be hashing out the technical intricacies and precision movements of exquisite timepieces. Some also offer the exclusive opportunity to get on the fast track for limited edition watches, while others have special collaborations with legacy brands.

For other sophisticated pursuits, you might consider indulging in Singapore’s top-tier wine clubs or arrange an intimate private dinner at home.

Cover image: Christopher O’Grady for 33Club and Private Circle 

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