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Bawah Reserve, a hidden getaway just 4.5 hours from Singapore

Bawah Reserve private island near Singapore

Have your every need tended to at Bawah Reserve, an all-inclusive private island where you can indulge in an undisturbed natural sanctuary.

Imagine yourself on an exclusive private island, surrounded by pristine, crystal-clear waters that extend to the horizon. As the sun sets behind your luxurious chalet, the distractions of everyday life in Singapore fade away. No, you’re not in the Maldives; you’re experiencing the unparalleled opulence of Bawah Reserve.

Nestled among a cluster of islands far removed from the ordinary, Bawah Reserve is not just another resort in Batam; it is a haven for those seeking an authentic escape from city life. Embrace the allure of hidden beauty, where the night sky dazzles with a canopy of stars, and three enchanting lagoons and thirteen pristine beaches await exploration.

Indulge in unrivaled luxury and exclusivity

Bawah Reserve villa interior
Image: Bawah Reserve

For those ready to indulge in the epitome of luxury, the island offers an all-encompassing experience starting at an exclusive rate of USD 1,780 per night (S$2,424) with a minimum stay requirement of three nights. Ensuring an intimate atmosphere, the resort welcomes children aged five and above, enhancing privacy and comfort.

Choose between a suite with beach or garden views, an overwater bungalow that overlooks the reserve’s coral reefs, and two to four bedroom villas for even more space. Comfort is key as each abode blends well with the island. Think bamboo finishings, thatched roofs, and outdoor rain showers.

Bawah Reserve - The Grouper Bar by the beach
The Grouper Bar
Image: Bawah Reserve

Your discerning palate will be treated to culinary delights at two exquisite restaurants and two sophisticated bars. Choose between the intimate Tree Tops restaurant, overlooking the lagoon, or The Boat House, which hosts weekly barbecue and movie-screening nights. From The Grouper‘s casual ambience to Jules Verne‘s elevated cocktails featuring local ingredients, an array of international and Indonesian cuisine beckons.

Complementing your stay are daily spa treatments for two at the Aura Spa, coupled with access to rejuvenating yoga, pilates, and meditation sessions. The resort’s air-conditioned gym, infinity swimming pool, and a plethora of land and water activities promise moments of leisure and adventure.

Untouched islands that are yours for exploring

Overwater villas overlooking coral reefs
Image: Bawah Reserve

Beyond exclusivity, the private island setting invites you to connect with nature. Embark on snorkeling, kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding adventures amidst coral reefs and pristine waters. Lace up your trekking shoes for hikes along four trails spanning two islands. For a touch of adrenaline, partake in boat excursions, and catamaran sailing. 

Diving at Riau archipelago
Image: Bawah Reserve

Marine enthusiasts can get acquainted with the resort’s resident reef creatures through scuba diving excursions that can be booked at an additional cost, with courses catering to both adults and children.

Seamless door-to-door transfers

Aerial view of Bawah Reserve pier
Image: Bawah Reserve

Elevate your arrival with a truly extravagant touch. For an additional USD 950 (S$1,295), relish in door-to-door pick-up service encompassing a 4.5-hour journey each way.

A private car whisks you from your doorstep to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, where expedited immigration clearance awaits. Transition seamlessly to Hang Nadim Airport for an 80-minute seaplane flight to Bawah Reserve. Your return to Singapore is equally seamlessly orchestrated.

Alternatively, if you are traveling from Batam, opt for Bawah Reserve’s transport service at USD 800 per person (S$1,090). However, for the epitome of luxury, we recommend the exclusive seaplane experience from Singapore.

Exclusivity at its best at Bawah Reserve

It’s undeniable that Bawah Reserve epitomises exclusivity. It is a coveted destination for those seeking an opulent escape, whether for momentous occasions like honeymoons, anniversaries, or even weddings. From gourmet dining to curated activities, this private island promises an extraordinary retreat, ensuring your journey begins right at your doorstep and ends in an luxurious island paradise.

Bawah Reserve website

Cover image: Bawah Reserve

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