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Discover Bangkok’s best luxury spas: unwind in 5-star opulence

Bangkok may be a city known for its rousing nightlife scene, but those with a keen eye for relaxation also know it as a paradise for a plethora of wellness experiences.

The city is home to some of the best spas Southeast Asia has to offer, bringing techniques from all over the world to the region.  These best luxury spas in Bangkok are a cut above the rest, with everything from organic, proprietary treatments to deeply revitalising massages. You’ll walk away feeling blissfully rejuvenated.

1. Nitra Serenity Centre at 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok

Holistic treatments with a birds-eye view of Bangkok

Nitra Serenity Centre at 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok
- Bangkok's best 5-star luxury spas (5)Image: Nitra Serenity Centre at 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok

Nitra Serenity Centre at 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok is a spa in the sky. Perched on the 28th floor, it boasts panoramic views of Bangkok’s glittering skyline. Let yourself be taken in among the clouds as you indulge in a variety of holistic face and body treatments that incorporate both traditional and modern practices. 

The interior is adorned with delicate orchids and other dainty flowers, enhancing the spa’s natural, botanical allure. Candlelight casts a gentle glow on the off-white furnishings, seamlessly blending to create a tranquil ambience.

Nitra Serenity Centre at 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok
Image: Nitra Serenity Centre at 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok

The spa utilises its proprietary “7 Pillars of Wellness” philosophy to deliver a uniquely relaxing experience. The seven Pillars – Exercise, Diet, Mindfulness, Expression, Restoration, Evolution, and Social – are collectively aimed at achieving holistic wellness. Their treatments are all designed with this end in mind.

Treatment of choice: Speciality treatments here include Reiki ($92.20), an ancient Japanese healing technique used to reduce stress by penetrating the energetic centre of the body. Else, try The Sleep by Design Therapy ($154.88), involving an intensely restorative massage and utilises top-of-the-line technology to improve sleep quality and enhance travel recovery, ideal for weary travellers.

Price: Services start from $110.63

Nitra Serenity Centre website

2. Nakhon Spa Bangkok

Personalised, organic therapies

Nakhon Spa Bangkok - Bangkok's best 5-star luxury spas (11)Image: Nakhon Spa Bangkok

At Nakhon Spa Bangkok, treatments are meticulously crafted using all-natural, organic ingredients. Upon consultation, these elements are freshly combined and customised to cater to each individual’s unique needs. The spa embraces a theme of mindful luxury, aiming to minimise waste while offering the most exquisite and premium blends and treatments available.

Nakhon Spa Bangkok - Bangkok's best 5-star luxury spas (11)Image: Nakhon Spa Bangkok

In addition to offering massages, reflexology, and facials, the spa is renowned for its hydrotherapy treatments, which harness the therapeutic benefits of water.

Treatment of choice: Their Hydrafacial ($199.09) uses Vortex-Fusion technology to cleanse and hydrate the skin. The treatment infuses the skin with a mix of booster serums, antioxidants, and peptides, and is completely customisable to address specific skin concerns. 

Botanical nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, and red algae extract are key ingredients in the formulation. These components aim to minimise free radical damage from pollution, sun exposure, and stress, thereby preventing premature ageing.

Price: Spa rituals start from $239.75

Nakhon Spa Bangkok website

3. The Peninsula Spa 

Treatments overlooking the scenic Chao Phraya River

The Peninsula Spa - Bangkok's best 5-star luxury spas (10)Image: The Peninsula Spa

Nestled in a three-story Thai colonial-style building by the Chao Phraya River, The Peninsula Spa exudes opulence even before you step into one of its private suites. Each suite is lavishly appointed with steam showers and an en-suite whirlpool. Dim lighting and dark wood furnishings create an instantly soothing atmosphere, inviting relaxation from the moment you enter.

The Peninsula Spa - Bangkok's best 5-star luxury spas (10)Image: The Peninsula Spa

Tailor-made treatments are delivered overlooking the river, blending traditional European, Oriental, and Ayurvedic methods with modern comforts and luxury. In addition to an array of indulgent massages and facials, the spa extends the luxury of bespoke treatments curated by The Spa’s highly trained therapists, ensuring a personalised and elevated experience for each guest.

Treatment of choice: The Essential Mind ($232.31) combines a deeply relaxing massage with the healing frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls. Each of the seven bowls targets seven different chakra points, otherwise known as energy centres in the body. The resonant vibrations and soothing sounds calm the mind, while the therapeutic oils impart deep relaxation to the body.

Price: Signature treatments start from $154.87; facials from $180.71

The Peninsula Spa website

4. Banyan Tree Spa

Simulated rainforest therapy 

Banyan Tree Spa -Bangkok's best 5-star luxury spas (4)
Image: Banyan Tree Spa 

Banyan Tree Spa is best known for its immersive rainforest therapy, which synthesises the soothing sounds of water with the gentle patter of rain droplets. The spa offers seven distinct categories of treatments – from the more familiar, “time-honoured traditions” inspired by ancient healing practices, to the new-age hydrothermal experience in “The Rainforest”.

Banyan Tree Spa -Bangkok's best 5-star luxury spas (4)
Image: Banyan Tree Spa 

Treatment of choice: The Rainforest is a tranquil hydrotherapy haven, featuring a steam and mist treatment, invigorating bucket showers, and ice fountains, alongside vitality pool floats, all enveloped in a gentle cascade of rainfall. Each session concludes with complimentary refreshments, allowing you to rejuvenate and replenish after your serene experience. 

Price: Services start from $221.43

Banyan Tree website

5. Opium Spa

Dark, botanical relaxation

Opium Spa - Bangkok's best 5-star luxury spas (6)Image: Opium Spa

Opium Spa’s rich name conveys even richer indulgence in its interior. The spa exudes dark luxury, with black marble fixtures and candlelight setting an intense, calming ambience. The spa exclusively utilises premium Sodashi products, an esteemed Australian brand renowned for its ethically-sourced essential oils and superior plant actives, delivering the finest in natural, botanical healing.

Sodashi, a Sanskrit word, translates to “wholeness, purity and radiance”. Many of the spa’s offerings seek to pursue this end. 

Opium Spa - Bangkok's best 5-star luxury spas (6)Image: Opium Spa

Treatment of choice: On the other end of the relaxation spectrum, their Signature Muay Thai Therapy massage ($191.92) is designed to alleviate muscle and joint tension caused by physical exertion by eliminating lactic acid build-up. 

The thorough treatment commences with a steaming session, preparing the skin for optimal absorption of the subsequent purifying mask through a full-body exfoliation aimed at promoting skin renewal. Crafted from a blend of antioxidants and rich in vitamins C and E, the mask is complemented by a soothing full-body massage infused with warm ginger and eucalyptus, enhancing its therapeutic benefits.

Price: Treatments start from $166.05

Opium Spa website

The best 5-star luxury spas in Bangkok 

Within Bangkok’s myriad offerings, these five distinguished luxury spas reign supreme, seamlessly melding ancient healing traditions with contemporary opulence. Each promises unparalleled relaxation, curated with the freshest and most exquisite ingredients available. Immerse yourself in the soothing aromas of essential oils as you embark on a journey toward unparalleled serenity and rejuvenation.

Bali’s best luxury wellness retreats: the epitome of serenity and comfort

Dive headfirst into relaxation at Bali’s exclusive luxury wellness retreats, soaking up everything from adults-only escapes to tailored experiences in the most beautiful pockets of the island.

Bali has long been a popular vacation destination for partygoers seeking to unwind, especially for Singaporeans who want a getaway close to home. Over time, the island has also become increasingly desirable for those seeking a quieter, more spiritual reset.

These top-tier luxury wellness retreats in Bali offer everything from spa treatments to invigorating fitness regimes and are designed to whisk you away to a place of pure serenity.

COMO Shambhala Estate

Personalised eating plan & 24-hour personal assistantCOMO Shambhala Estate - Best luxury wellness retreats in Bali Image: COMO Shambhala Estate

Rather than a typical stay, COMO Shambhala Estate offers holistic wellness programmes that are 3, 5, and 7 days in length. These include spa therapies, beauty treatments and oriental medicine remedies, all intended to balance, or rebalance the mind, body, and spirit.

In addition to state-of-the-art fitness facilities, the resort boasts an extensive outdoor activity schedule, including Qi Gong, rice field biking, aqua therapy, and jungle gym circuit training. Come time to refuel, dining options here encompass a diverse range of cuisines, including Indonesian, Italian, and Indian.

COMO Shambhala Estate - Best luxury wellness retreats in Bali Image: COMO Shambhala Estate

COMO Shambhala Estate spares no expense when it comes to service, with an in-house Ayurvedic doctor, resident dietician, and 24-hour personal assistant on hand to cater to guests’ every whim.

Price: From $570/night


The Place Retreats

Psychotherapy with qualified therapists

The Place Retreats - best luxury wellness retreats in Bali
Image: The Place

Founded by world-renowned psychotherapist, Jean-Claude Chalmet, The Place is an award-winning psychotherapeutic retreat focused on mind, body, and spiritual healing. To this aim, the resort offers psychological support through a holistic blend of nutrition, fitness, and mental healing.

While especially ideal for those wanting to take a break from work and life stresses to focus on mental health, retreats are also geared towards more specific needs from grief and bereavement treatment, to emotional and trauma healing. 

The Place Retreats - best luxury wellness retreats in BaliImage: The Place

Therapies offered are both physical–including therapeutic face massage, deep tissue matrix healing, and watsu, also known as floating water therapy–and non-physical, with sound baths and psychotherapy sessions administered by qualified professionals. Medical therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathic treatment, TCM, and reflexology are also offered. 

Price: From $5,900 for an 8-day retreat


The Asa Maia

Adults-only retreat offering contrast therapy

The Asa Maia - best luxury wellness retreats in BaliImage: The Asa Maia

The adults-only policy at The Asa Maia may seem exclusionary to some, but it is what truly cements the resort’s status as a quiet, peaceful haven. With no children in sight or within earshot, guests may be free to relax and truly unwind. 

The signature method of relaxation here is contrast therapy, which involves the repeated heating and cooling of the body in rapid succession to increase blood flow. The resort’s modern, luxurious take on this ancient therapy features subterranean 7.5°C cold and 40°C hot pools. Therapy sessions may be coached or unguided.

The Asa Maia - best luxury wellness retreats in BaliImage: The Asa Maia

Other wellness facilities include a Himalayan salt and infrared sauna and firepit. Another highlight is the library cum art gallery, with countless titles lining elegant wooden shelves. These are all a stone’s throw away from the Gladak accommodation, made from reclaimed Eastern Javanese antique houses, luxuriously furnished with indoor-outdoor stone showers and Belgian bluestone tubs.

Price: From $357/night



Ayurvedic spa overlooking Penet River

Sukhavati - best luxury wellness retreats in BaliImage: Sukhavati

Sukhavati is prized for its location along the peaceful Penet River. Much of the resort is open concept to maximise guests’ connection to the surroundings. It’s known for its rejuvenation and detox programmes, which are completely personalised based on Dosha principles, said to be the governing principles of mind and body intelligence.

Sukhavati - best luxury wellness retreats in BaliImage: Sukhavati

Upon check-in, guests are evaluated for their Dosha makeup in order to have their treatments tailored to their specific needs and imbalances. Here, guests in one of 8 villas can start the day at the yoga pavilion, then move on to the River Spa Treatment Pavilions which overlook the peaceful Penet River. Each pavilion is private, and all Ayurvedic remedies are complimentary.

Price: From $1,292 for a 2-night retreat


Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape

Eco-conscious wellness with a zero-waste menu

Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape - best luxury wellness retreats in BaliImage: Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape

Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape is all about synthesising food and wellness with natural surroundings, all while being environmentally conscious. Villas are called “bales”, named after the Indonesian word meaning communal gathering place. Each villa was designed to create a minimal environmental footprint while capitalising on the serenity of the surroundings.

Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape - Best Luxury Wellness Retreats In BaliImage: Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape

Each of the 16 private villas come with private pools and unobstructed views of Bali’s seven peaks, which guests may enjoy from their private gazebos. Dining here is zero-waste–the menu is predominantly plant-based and meals are prepared in an open kitchen where guests may watch as chefs expertly prepare their food.

The Botanist Bar offers fresh handmade cocktails and mocktails using locally grown and sourced ingredients–there are complimentary at sunset for guests. The focus on harnessing local ingredients extends past food and drinks; all spa treatments at the open-air Toja Spa take inspiration from the surroundings, using organic ingredients grown on-site.

Price: From $1,152/night


The best of luxury wellness retreats in Bali

These retreats are clearly some of the best Bali has to offer. All 5 options will have you relaxing, unwinding, and most importantly, healing in the lap of luxury. With everything from ancient Ayurvedic techniques to more modern therapies, these retreats illustrate that there’s no one set path to healing. Rather, it’s about pursuing the path that you most desire. 

Private pools, spas, and balconies are just some of the ways these resorts aspire to fulfil these desires while cocktails and massages serve to sweeten the experience. Regardless of the different forms they may come in, these retreats all have one thing in common: they’ll definitely refresh your state of mind.

Cover image: COMO Shambhala Estate, Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape, Sukhavati

Say yes to forever with custom engagement rings from Singapore’s top bespoke jewellery stores

For a uniquely personal proposal, design a one-of-a-kind engagement ring with Singapore’s best bespoke jewellers.

Wedding proposals are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion – the engagement ring should be equally brilliant. While a one-carat Tiffany ring is undeniably elegant, it’s the personal touch and bespoke craftsmanship that we’re after. Not only is a custom engagement ring treasured for being one of a kind, but it’s also a timeless representation of you and your significant other’s journey.

Cue the fanfare with these 12 bespoke jewellery stores that offer custom engagement rings, where artisans turn quality gems into heirloom pieces.

Why should you pick a bespoke engagement ring?

While all engagement rings are meaningful, creating a bespoke ring from scratch adds an extra layer of significance to the accessory. Whether you choose to go into it alone or hand-in-hand with your partner, the result will be a ring that can serve as a great start to your proposal story when people inevitably ask how it happened. 

You’ll get to personalise various aspects of the ring, from the preferred gemstones to the band’s design. Perhaps most popular amongst couples is the opportunity to engrave their initials or anniversary date, marking it as a clear symbol of their love.

What is the price range of a bespoke engagement ring in Singapore?

The price range varies greatly, reflecting the bespoke nature of each engagement ring. It all depends on the ring itself, but one must consider the raw materials, hours of craftsmanship, and the reputation of the jeweller. Bespoke jewellers are usually helmed by artisans with deep knowledge of different gemstones and who are highly skilled at jewellery design.

As a starting price, you can expect a bespoke engagement ring to start at a few thousand dollarsthis will go up significantly depending on preferences and complexity of the design. Do consult your chosen jeweller directly for a more accurate estimate.

Another factor to consider is the time taken to craft a bespoke ring; it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, so give yourself enough time before the engagement.

1. Calla Lily

Repurposed family heirloomsCalla Lily - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores SingaporeImage: Calla Lily

Bespoke jewellery studio Calla Lily aims to create engagement rings that celebrate the individuality of each couple by incorporating their stories into the design process. It’s no wonder that their creations are at the forefront, as founder and creative lead Emily Tan has worked with the likes of Jimmy Choo Couture in London and Marni in Milan. 

Gems are meticulously sourced for their clarity and intensity from far-flung locales such as Brazil, Colombia, Tanzania, and Myanmar. Visit their studio in Tiong Bahru to witness their artistry firsthand. While bespoke jewellery is their forte, they also offer services like repurposing family heirlooms and reimagining old pieces.

Price: Contact the boutique directly


2. H. Sena

Multi-generational jeweller since 1935

H. Sena - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (1)Image: H. Sena

Few jewellers can boast a legacy of cutting gems and designing heirlooms for close to a century. As a multi-generational family business, it’s safe to say that the jewellers at H. Sena know what they’re doing. Here, you can customise from start to finish, by picking your ideal band design, diamond mount, and quality gem.

They’ve got a selection of loose gems at the ready too. Since they pride themselves on using only conflict-free GIA certified gems, you’ll have peace of mind when proposing with one of their custom-designed rings. H. Sena also holds a large selection of vintage and heritage pieces for sale.

Price: From $4,500 for a one-carat halo ring


3. Artemis Rings

Natural mined diamonds

Artemis Rings - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (7)Image: Artemis Rings

It’s truly a showcase of one-of-a-kind rings at Artemis Rings, where they take it as their own personal calling to interpret your vision. Head down to their store along Purvis Street to see their portfolio of abstract rings – it’s a medley of creativity and fine craftsmanship.

So far, past customers have been more than pleased with jeweller Sandra Chew’s passion for the craft. She also comes highly lauded for her attention to detail, while capturing the most meaningful elements of your relationship into one exquisite ring.

Price: Contact the boutique directly 


4. Storis

Fairytale-like handcrafted rings

Storis - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (5)Image: Storis

Once you step into the retail boutique of Storis at Raffles Hotel, the search for the perfect engagement ring begins. They emphasise the thought and care that go into customising the ring rather than just the final product. Begin with a free consultation, where you can hear their expert recommendations and insights.

While you’ll be working on the design together, Storis is known for their fairytale-like creations featuring pastel sapphires and natural pink diamonds. Your custom-made ring will take at least 3 months to create, so you’ve got ample time to plan your dream proposal.

Price: From $3,000 for an engagement ring or $2,500 for a pair of wedding bands


5. Madly Gems

Quality range of coloured gems

Madly Gems - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (8)Image: Madly Gems

Bespoke jewellery store Madly Gems sits pretty along Ann Siang Hill, housed in a pre-war conservation shophouse. Rather than the traditional round brilliant cut diamonds, expect a treasure trove of coloured gems. Founder and radio DJ Maddy Barber cherry-picks only the top 0.1 percent of gemstones, ensuring that what you receive is a rare, bold, and sparkling gem.

You will be working closely with their in-house designers to create your dream ring, and the intricate jewellery-making process only starts after you approve the final sketch. It’ll take roughly 9 to 12 weeks to receive the ring. All jewellery is made with 18k gold, with platinum settings available upon request.

Price: from $3,500 for bespoke pieces


6. August Bespoke

3D modelling for a realistic preview

August Bespoke - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (5)Image: August Bespoke

At custom jeweller August Bespoke, you hold the reins to design the perfect ring. Start with the basics: choose the gemstone type, shape, design, and type of gold. Based on your preferred quality, cut, and value, they’ll curate an exclusive selection of gemstones just for you.

They also use cutting-edge 3D modelling for photo-realistic visuals to bring your bespoke engagement ring to life. Patience is rewarded, as this masterpiece takes up to 8 weeks to craft. The pièce de résistance? Your exquisite ring is hand-delivered by the team in a charming, intimate setting over tea. They’ll even offer you tips on how to present an unforgettable proposal.

Price: from $5,000 for an engagement ring or $1,800 for wedding bands


7. Carrie K.

Different levels of ring customisation

Carrie K. - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (1)Image: Carrie K.

At Carrie K., you’re the co-designer of your perfect engagement ring. You’ll find quality diamonds here, whether lab-grown or naturally mined. Choose exactly how involved you’d like to be in the customisation process from 3 different levels: a made-to-order design with a chosen gem, a custom design where you can mix and match various designs, or a bespoke design that’s entirely made from scratch. Without a doubt, opt for the latter since it allows for the most personalised creation. They’ll also provide a 3D render and scaled 3D prototype for a glimpse of your dream ring.

Price: Contact the boutique directly


8. Infiniti Jewels

Price-matched diamonds

Infiniti Jewels - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (2)Image: Infiniti Jewels

No need to worry about being taken for a ride with Infiniti Jewels and their fair price-matching promise. The world of fine jewellery might sometimes be tricky to navigate, and these assurances are fully in place so you’re confident in your ultimate choice.

You’ll also be directly collaborating with their team of seasoned craftsmen, making the most of a free personalised consultation. Experts will recommend suitable investment-grade gems and share their wealth of knowledge on diamonds. There’ll also be 3D drawings for you to take a look at the final design before confirming. It’ll take 6 to 8 weeks to craft the masterpiece, to make sure every detail is perfected exactly the way you envisioned.

Price: Contact the boutique directly


9. Ith

Handcrafted by Japanese artisans

Ith - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (3)Image: Ith

Having first started as a made-to-order jewellery atelier in the streets of Tokyo, Ith has branched out internationally to set up shop in the buzzing district of Tanjong Pagar. All rings are handcrafted in their studio in Japan by master artisans. One of the more popular customisations is adding gemstones as inner stones, such as sentimental ones like birthstones.

If you’re entirely at a loss for inspiration, you’ll benefit from their handy consultation service, where you can ask for design concepts based on a simple motif or image. They also offer a silver prototype ring for you to review before setting to work on the final piece.

Price: Contact their boutique directly


10. Caratell 

Breathes fresh life into old or heirloom jewellery

Caratell - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (9)Image: Caratell

As a reputable bespoke jewellery brand in Singapore, Caratell is one that caters to the discerning. It was first started by award-winning jeweller Michael Koh in the early 2000s, and he’s since gained international acclaim.

The bespoke process is meticulous here since Koh offers advice on the most minute of details – from skin tone suitability to the colour combination of gems. To him, it’s a work of art. All fine jewellery pieces are handcrafted in Singapore by a small in-house team of designers dedicated to perfection. Plus, they use only conflict-free diamonds and 18k gold settings.

Price: Contact the boutique directly


11. Bespoke by Tessellate

Handcrafted over 1,000 bespoke rings

Bespoke by Tessellate - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (4)Image: Tessellate

While Tessellate has a ready collection of dazzling engagement rings, it’s the bespoke service that you’ll be making a beeline for. They’ve handcrafted over a thousand unique rings, all personalised to each couple’s love story.

You’ll be spoiled for choice since they have a wide selection of stones, including natural gems, mined diamonds, and lab-grown diamonds. Set a consultation to view the gems and ring samples. The designer will then send an e-drawing for your approval, and depending on the ring’s complexity, it will be ready in 6 to 12 weeks.

Price: Contact their boutique directly


12. The Jewel Box

Private jewellery design house 

The Jewel Box - Best Bespoke Jewellery Stores Singapore (10)Image: The Jewel Box

There’s no better service than The Jewel Box, where they believe in personalised care and an unwavering attention to detail. Just as well that they have a repertoire of fine jewellery pieces that are handmade by experienced craftsmen. By using a mix of modern and traditional jewellery making techniques, their pieces are all timeless but with a creative flair. 

When creating a bespoke engagement ring with them, they will provide hand-sketched designs that are then processed through CAD for a more realistic glimpse. They also offer jewellery redesign and resetting, if you’re looking to entwine well-loved family heirlooms into your customised ring.

Price: Contact their boutique directly 


Bespoke engagement rings in Singapore

Finding the dream engagement ring is a journey like no other, with many recognising that the most meaningful ones involve a bespoke creation. The best bespoke jewellery stores in Singapore not only offer unparalleled craftsmanship and service, but also a timeless keepsake to celebrate your love story.

Looking for more romantic experiences in Singapore? Try a staycation at one of Singapore’s lavish hotel penthouse suites or enjoy an unforgettable dining experience with a private chef.

Watch clubs in Singapore: indulge your love for timepieces

Revelling in the world of horology doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts at these exclusive watch clubs in Singapore.

To the discerning watch collector, every tick and tock echoes the exquisite craftsmanship and storied heritage engrained within. To put it simply, a watch is never merely a watch. Rather, it’s a masterpiece that’s been intricately designed to stand the test of time for generations ahead.

These watch clubs are not just for the appreciation of luxury watches, but also pay homage to the centuries of tradition and innovation behind each luxury timepiece. From special access to limited edition watches to regular get-togethers with fellow enthusiasts, these clubs can very well be part and parcel of your horological experience in Singapore.

1. 33Club

More than 500 exclusive and bespoke pieces available

Image: Christopher O’Grady for 33Club

While social club 33Club is all about getting the influential and elite together, it’s also centred around a common interest: the prestige of luxury watches. The watch boutique has a partnership with The Private Circle, where you’ll find exclusive timepieces that aren’t easily available on the open market. More than 500 exclusive and bespoke pieces are available, from coveted watchmakers like Patek Philippe and Rolex. 

Being a member puts you on the fast track for limited edition pieces. The club understands that if you’re a collector of timepieces, you’re likely to have other equally lavish hobbies such as the procurement of rare wines. Here, you’ll also have access to wine masterclasses led by winemakers and sommeliers.  

How to join: Register your interest and you will be contacted for an in-person visit. There is a one-off joining fee of $16,800 and $174 monthly fee thereafter.

33Club website

2. Singapore Watch Club

Regular events at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Singapore Watch Club
Singapore Watch Club’s 6th anniversary collaboration with Cartier.
Image: Singapore Watch Club

More often than not, most folks aren’t going to entertain horological topics surrounding the revival of vintage-inspired designs or the integration of silicon escapements – it’s not exactly polite dinner party conversation. But at the Singapore Watch Club, feel free to rant on about all the intricacies and nuances pertaining to luxury watches. Debating all aspects of horology, from construction to heritage, is most welcomed.

The Club often holds monthly events at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – a grand venue befitting of watch collecting. As their very own ethos goes, “watch collecting is most rewarding when done in company”. While founder Tom Chng himself is a collector of vintage Audemars Piguet, members have sprawling interests and have themselves worked on limited edition timepieces with renowned brands like Hublot, Cartier, and Ulysse Nardin.

How to join: It’s an invitation-only club, but you can write in to express your interest. You’ll then get an informal introduction at a monthly get-together before a proper induction.

Singapore Watch Club website

3. TickTockBelles

A watch community for women, by women

Watch Clubs Singapore -TickTockBelles
Image: TickTockBelles

In an attempt to defy all gender stereotypes surrounding the realm of luxury watches, came the notion of TickTockBelles – a watch community founded by women, for women. They’re loud and proud in their belief that women too appreciate the heritage, fine craftsmanship, and technical advances of such timepieces. 

Exclusivity reigns at their invite-only events, featuring brand-focused gatherings with the likes of Cartier Rendezvous and Vacheron Constantin Less’ential. They also often organise get-togethers with watch brands, watch retailers, and watchmakers. While such meet-ups are curated with women in mind, men are also welcome to join.

How to join: Write in to express your interest, and make sure to provide your Instagram handle.

TickTockBelles website 

4. Private Circle

A platform to buy, sell, consign, or trade

Watch Clubs Singapore - Private Circle
Image: Christopher O’Grady for 33Club and Private Circle

As the name aptly goes, members-only club Private Circle is exactly that, a private circle of watch enthusiasts who gather to buy, sell, consign, or trade. It’s intended as a space for watch owners to come together, no matter if collecting, investing, or simply admiring the heritage and fine craftsmanship of these luxury timepieces. 

They’ve opened their first retail boutique together with social club 33Club, offering bespoke watch services at Capitol Building, Raffles Place. You’ll find a huge range of watches, from beginner-level Rolex Submariners, a staple piece to start a luxury watch collection, to limited edition Patek Philippes. Private Circle also often talks shop – market trends and investment opportunities surrounding the luxury watch arena – while savouring a bottle of fine wine.

How to join: Schedule an appointment, and state whether you’re looking to buy, sell, consign, or source.

Private Circle website 

5. The Omega Watch Club

A community for Omega pieces

The Omega Watch Club
Image: The Omega Watch Club

Here’s one for the collectors of Omega, a true classic in the realm of luxury timepieces. With a heritage that dates back to 1848, it’s little wonder why this brand is a firm favourite for discerning enthusiasts. As a community specially for Omega pieces, the Omega Watch Club is active on both Instagram and Facebook, with the occasional meet-up. 

While the Club is centred around the exclusive world of luxury watches, they make it known that it’s a community for all to join – no matter if you’re about to purchase your very first watch or already have a massive collection. They also have occasional collaborations with retailers, providing special deals with watch strap-maker Solitaire Official. 

The Omega Watch Club website

6. The RedBar Singapore

A local spin-off of the world’s largest watch community

Watch Clubs Singapore -The RedBar Singapore
Image: The RedBar Singapore

It’s all for the joy of watch collecting at The RedBar Singapore, with its regular virtual and in-person events. This particular community is our local spin-off of the global RedBar group, the world’s largest watch community. 

Although recently founded in mid-2021, the group now has roughly 100 members or so – all avid watch enthusiasts and collectors who often arrange get-togethers to admire each other’s timepieces. The founders are said to be strongly averse to flaunting watches as a status symbol, and instead, places the focus on appreciating the legacy and craftsmanship of each piece.

How to join: You can request to join, but it’s typically by an invitation-only basis where you’ll need to be vouched by a current member.

The RedBar Singapore website

7. Grand Seiko GS9 Club

Exclusive access to Grand Seiko events

GS9 Club Miami - Singapore watch clubs
Image: GS9 Club Miami

With Grand Seiko known for its impeccable craftsmanship and understated elegance, it’s only right that its loyal collectors have their own Grand Seiko GS9 Club. This formal organisation is reserved only for Grand Seiko owners who have purchased their watch from a Singapore-based boutique from 2017 onwards. 

It not only allows them to join a large network of GS9 clubs around the world, but also unlocks a world of special events. There’s also a digital magazine that’s crammed full of interviews and exclusive content, for members only.

How to join: Show proof of purchase of a Grand Seiko from an authorised Grand Seiko Boutique, Salon or Mastershop within Singapore only.

Grand Seiko GS9 Club website

8. Atomos Watch Club

Making watch collecting accessible for younger generations

Watch Clubs Singapore -Atomos Watch Club
Image: Atomos Watch Club

While this might be an SMU university club, Atomos Watch Club holds their own in Singapore’s luxury watch scene. Their main goal? To make appreciating watches accessible for the younger folks. 

Rather than pigeonholing the hobby of watch collecting as one exclusively for the elite, this club welcomes all with watch masterclasses, networking events, and hands-on workshops. Occasionally, there’ll be other events focusing on cars, wines, and other such sophisticated pursuits too.

Atomos Watch Club website 

Luxury watch clubs in Singapore

Seasoned veterans or newcomers to the horological scene, these luxury watch clubs are the stomping ground for all collectors in Singapore. It’s through these watch get-togethers where you’ll be hashing out the technical intricacies and precision movements of exquisite timepieces. Some also offer the exclusive opportunity to get on the fast track for limited edition watches, while others have special collaborations with legacy brands.

For other sophisticated pursuits, you might consider indulging in Singapore’s top-tier wine clubs or arrange an intimate private dinner at home.

Cover image: Christopher O’Grady for 33Club and Private Circle 

Las Palmas, a poolside rooftop bar on level 33 of Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena

Whether it’s for post-work tipples or poolside group hangouts, make a date at Las Palmas rooftop bar.

Novena may not be the typical neighbourhood for a night out in Singapore but all that might change with rooftop bar, Las Palmas, in the picture. Inspired by Palm Springs and the old Hollywood glamour of the 1960s, the bar invites you to kick back and unwind with a couple of poolside cocktails.

Perched on the 33rd floor of Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena, this bar and lounge offers 360-degree views of the city, making it the perfect backdrop for after work tipples as the sun sets.

Indulge in sunset tipples with panoramic city views

Las Palmas rooftop pool bar in Singapore
The bar features a counter made from rose quartz and high chairs with a tropical design.
Image: Las Palmas

We suggest starting your evening dining al fresco so you won’t miss the glorious golden hour. Then, slowly make your way indoors where you get to choose between bar counter seats or lounge chairs to enjoy a proper meal.

The drinks menu has been designed for each of the 16 cocktails to lie somewhere across the spectrum from smooth to dry and simple to complex. Take your pick depending on the flavour profile or spirit that stands out to you. Each tipple also cleverly references art movements, pop culture, celebrities, and music of the 1960s.

Las Palmas cocktails
Image: Las Palmas

For example, Sultan of Swing ($23) pays homage to Frank Sinatra’s favourite whisky – Chivas Regal 12 – in an Old Fashioned-styled drink with coffee, spiced apple honey, and banana. Celebrating the godfather of Tiki culture is Donn Beach ($23) – a spin on Mai Tai which combines white rum, Calpis, and notes of hazelnut and orgeat.

Another noteworthy cocktail is Nifty Fifties ($27) where aged Japanese whisky is mixed with cachaça, dragon fruit syrup, and hibiscus tea. The drink is topped with a rice paper logo featuring the classic vibrant advertisements from that era.

Las Palmas food
Image: Las Palmas

Giving you more reasons to pop by on a weekday for a poolside hangout, the bar has put together a line-up of daily promotions. On Tuesdays, beer on tap is just $10/glass; there’s a free flow of margaritas, mimosas, and martinis for $45/pax on Wednesdays; and Bubbly Thursdays mean sparkling wine for $18/glass or champagne for $28/glass.

Otherwise, there’s always regular happy hour to fall back on happening from Tuesdays to Fridays between 5pm and 7pm, as well as on weekends from 3pm-7pm. This is when diners can enjoy house wines at $15/glass and the bartender’s selected cocktails at $18/glass.

Las Palmas rooftop pool bar
Image: Las Palmas

Not limited to hotel guests only, even the pool cabanas are up for grabs. With a minimum spend of $200 across a group of 4, everyone gets access to the rooftop pool for 3 hours.

Nibble on American classics with an Asian twist

Las Palmas food
Image: Las Palmas

To complement the bevvy of cocktails is a food menu that features heavily on classic Californian grub with a hint of Asian flavours. Highlights include Baby Back Ribs ($23) with a choice of either barbecue sauce of Singapore chilli sauce; and Juicy Kiss ($25) – a smoked angus beef brisket sandwich.

To share with the group, there’s Shrimply Satisfying ($26) sliders and Fiery Chicken Little ($18) popcorn chicken with Szechuan peppers. For something heartier, dig into mains like Clock Out Cluck In ($28) – buttermilk chicken stacked atop a fermented malt waffle, drizzled over with hot syrup.

Herbivores need not worry as there are also vegetarian options such as Mac Me Happy ($18) mac n cheese and Tempeh-rary Gardener ($18) – a trio of tempeh tacos.

Las Palmas churros
Image: Las Palmas

To end on a sweet note, it’s hard to go wrong with Churro-rific ($16) – a classic treat served with salted peanut butter and kaya dips. Ice cream-lovers can opt for Banana Drama ($15) – an over-the-top salted egg sundae with caramel popcorn, Kopi-O Gau crumble, and a banana toffee drizzle.

Las Palmas, a rooftop bar with 60s Hollywood glam

As the sun sets over the horizon and the city lights turn on, Las Palmas offers the perfect respite from the usual nightlife spots. The cosy bar and lounge has limited seating, ensuring the atmosphere remains relaxed all evening and you get to savour the company till you bid adieu.

Address: 99 Irrawaddy Road, Courtyard By Marriott Singapore Novena Level 33, Singapore 329568
Opening hours: Tue-Thu 5pm-12am | Fri 5pm-1am | Sat 3pm -1am | Sun 3pm-12am (Closed on Mondays)
Las Palmas website

Cover image: Las Palmas

Have a decadent voyage with these 8 dinner cruises in Singapore

A memorable meal doesn’t need to be confined to land – check out these dinner cruises in Singapore for a unique experience

While sitting down to a white tablecloth meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant has its own merit, a dinner out in the open sea is equally momentous. To best enjoy the city’s balmy weather and gentle seas, embark on a culinary journey aboard the best dinner cruises in Singapore.

Whether cruising on a superyacht, luxury tall ship, or sleek catamaran, these experiences redefine luxury. The views are sensational and the ambience unparalleled – all you need is a gourmet meal and a glass of wine.

1. Pearl Coast 

Private yacht dinner party with oyster tastings, barbeques & afternoon tea

Pearl Coast - oyster tasting dinner cruise
Image: Pearl Coast

It’s all about luxe living with Pearl Coast’s yacht dining experience. With impeccable service and a pristine yacht, they regularly accommodate event bookings but also serve as a picturesque backdrop for everything from celebratory dinners to small weddings. Sit-down dining is available for up to 39 guests, while barbecue parties can fit up to 50.

Take the Yacht Dining Ocean Package that promises a delectable culinary journey. It’s suitable for a table of eight to 10, starting with a cold seafood platter to share. Other dishes include uni truffle pasta, barbecued sea bass, and king crab leg. The yacht service also offers canapes, afternoon teas, and oyster tastings – a gourmet experience for anyone seeking a luxurious experience.

Price: From $2,500 for the Yacht Dining Ocean Package

Pearl Coast’s Yacht Dining website 

2. Royal Albatross 

Sunset dinner cruise with fireworks display

Dinner cruises in Singapore - Royal Albatross
Image: Royal Albatross

Dining at sea is an extraordinary affair, and all the more so with Royal Albatross’ sunset dinner cruise. Step aboard this absolute beauty of a sailing yacht, that accommodates up to 130 people when out at sea. While panoramic views of the sea are to be expected, there is also a dazzling showcase of fireworks that’ll light up the night sky. 

Dinner starts from 6.30pm onwards – the standard option is a dinner buffet, so for a more lavish experience, make sure to top up $60 for a four-course menu that’s paired with wine. The menu is seasonal, but you can expect to be tucking into premium proteins such as a Peking duck salad and baked snapper.

Price: From $225 per adult

Royal Albatross website 

3. Yacht BBQ 

Premium barbecue sets with Wagyu and lobster options

Dinner cruises in Singapore - Yacht BBQ
Image: Yacht BBQ

Have your pick of luxury yachts with Yacht BBQ, a four-hour charter service where the main highlight is a sprawling barbecue. It’s a highly customisable package where you can enjoy classic barbecue fare like steak and sausages, but for a steeper price, indulge in premium cuts like Australian Wagyu rump or fresh seafood like Boston lobster and black tiger prawns. 

Our pick is the Elegance Superyacht, a stunning vessel for an intimate party. It fits up to 50 people but you can charter it from $6,588 for up to 35 guests. It has ample space with two bars and two jacuzzis, making it the perfect recipe for an unforgettable dinner party. Most yachts will also include water toys such as kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, water mats, and animal floaties.

Price: From $488 for the 34 foot Riviera Flybridge Sedan to $6,588 for the 105 foot Elegance Superyacht

Yacht BBQ website

4. Wanderlust Adventures 

Intimate dinner cruise under the stars

Romance is in the air with Wanderlust Adventures’ dinner cruise under the stars. This one’s for the adventurous couples, a four-hour private cruise to the Southern Islands. Step aboard the Artemis 1, a 34 foot yacht – it’s a snug fit for 10 but spacious for two with a separate alfresco dining area, a kitchenette, an air-conditioned cabin, and a toilet. 

The dinner itself proves as exquisite, with a grilled chicken dressed with velvety butternut puree and a side of mushrooms. It comes paired with a complimentary bottle of white wine so you can toast to a memorable night ahead. Give a hand at fishing under the guidance of a seasoned fishing guide – all fresh catches will be grilled and served for dinner. The cruise is also pet-friendly, so you can bring along your dog or cat if it’s under six kilograms.

Price: From $749 per couple 

Wanderlust Adventures website

5. Marina South Ferries 

Halal-certified Southern Islands sunset dinner cruise

Dinner cruises in Singapore - Marina South Ferries
Image: Marina South Ferries

When aboard the open-decked ferry of Marina South Ferries, you’ve got the wind in your hair and sunshine on your face. This two-hour sunset cruise is the perfect blend of culinary delight and scenic exploration, with a halal-certified dinner that’s prepared onboard using only fresh, seasonal ingredients. It is intended to be a casual dining experience though, so expect fuss-free bites like chicken satay, teriyaki chicken chops, and sliders. 

Once you set sail at 6.45pm, it’s vista after vista through the Marina Bay region, Sentosa, and the Singapore Southern Straits – a sightseeing cruise through islands like Kusu Island and Lazarus Island. The twinkling city lights will also be a sight to behold. While the ferry runs regular hours, it also operates during special holidays like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve.

Price: From $68 per adult or $132 per couple

Marina South Ferries website

6. Let’s Go Tour 

Four-course fresh seafood dinner around Pulau Ubin

Dinner cruises in Singapore - Let's Go Tour
Image: Let’s Go Tour

It’s quite the adventure with local tour company Let’s Go Tour, since you’ll be setting off from Changi Point Ferry Terminal in a wooden bumboat. While it isn’t the luxurious experience you might be expecting, it’s just a quick pit stop at Smith Marine Floating Restaurant – Singapore’s last kelong, an offshore floating platform built with wood. Once commonly used by local fishermen, these kelongs were where the city sourced its supply of fresh seafood. 

After a short wait, you’ll then be transferred to a comfortable catamaran along with your exquisite four-course seafood dinner. It includes freshly caught fish from the kelong, Thai-style crispy chicken, stir-fried vegetables, and seafood fried rice. The sailing route brings you by Singapore’s Northern Islands, including the serene Pulau Ubin.

Price: From $150 per adult 

Let’s Go Tour website

7. EzYachtCharter 

Customisable yachting itineraries 

Dinner cruises in Singapore - EzYachtCharter
Image: EzYachtCharter

It’s a blank canvas with EzYachtCharter: you have the freedom to plan the entire itinerary, from a gourmet dinner experience to the sailing route. You’ll also get to choose a preferred superyacht – not an easy decision since they’re all top-tier offerings. Our pick is the Star of the Sea (from $5,300 for a four-hour charter), which comes with all the full set of bells and whistles. 

Not only does it have a fully-equipped kitchen, but it also features an entire entertainment level with karaoke and movie screening facilities. There is also an outdoor jacuzzi to soak in the panoramic sea views. You can choose to add on luxury transfers to docks, event photographers, live bands or DJs, or even private chefs-but we recommend going with our list of Singapore’s best private chefs.

Price: From $699 for 40 foot SunRider Yacht to $5,300 for 128 foot Star of the Sea

EzYachtCharter website 

8. Singapore River Cruise

Dining cruise around the city

Dinner cruises in Singapore - Singapore River Cruise
Image: Singapore River Cruise

While traipsing through the Clarke Quay riverfront area, you’d have spotted the iconic Singapore River Cruise making its leisurely rounds through the Singapore River. Bumboats were once a common sight on this historic waterway, used decades back to transport trading goods from ship to shore. 

Now, you’ll get to experience the charm of this heritage boat, all with guided commentary as it navigates past the Merlion, Boat Quay, and Marina Bay. Dinner is either a hearty beef burger or meatless laksa lasagne. It goes without saying though, that the food is secondary on this 40-minute dinner cruise since you’ll be too captivated with the breathtaking views and historical anecdotes. 

Price: From $27.43

Singapore River Cruise website 

The best dining cruises in Singapore

You’ll be experiencing the city in a new light with the best dining cruises in Singapore. These cater to every palate and preference, from tasty bites on a sightseeing ferry to a private seafood feast aboard a superyacht. No matter which you go with, each voyage promises sensational views and a touch of maritime magic. 

Love a good voyage? Check out the best luxury cruises from Singapore. Continue indulging your love for the ocean at these private islands in Southeast Asia for undisturbed getaways. 

Cover image: Royal Albatross

Singapore’s most lavish hotel penthouse suites will let you live in the lap of luxury

Peek into the opulent world of the best hotel penthouse suites in Singapore, and the lavish perks you can enjoy.

There’s a certain elegance when it comes to Singapore’s luxury hotels – it’s far from stuffy, but rather, exudes an aura of sophistication. Impeccable service and an unwavering attention to detail are what they pride themselves on, and this is woven throughout your hotel experience. At the very pinnacle of these five-star hotels though, it’s a different ball park altogether. Book a stay at hotel penthouse suites – or presidential suites – and that’s when the real pursuit of perfection starts.

It doesn’t stop at private balconies or terraces, but private karaoke rooms and a 24/7 dedicated butler becomes the norm. After all, when you’re playing with more than 300 square metres high in the sky, there’s plenty of room for indulgence.

What to expect when booking hotel penthouse suites in Singapore

While most top-tier hotels already accommodate for a certain level of luxury, the penthouse or presidential suite is a definitive step up. Here, the world is truly your oyster. Perhaps you’re looking to cosy up to hand-spun Italian sheets or to a butler-drawn bath in your own deep soaking tub – it’s at these hotel suites where you’ll be doing so. 

Whether it’s the Raffles Hotel Singapore’s presidential suites where dignitaries like Queen Elizabeth II once stayed, or the private massage room and sauna over at Marina Bay Sands’ Chairman Suite, but a stay at these prestigious suites promise an unforgettable experience. Bear in mind that you’re forking out at a five-figure sum for this experience, so it pays to be aware of the exclusive perks and amenities.

1. Raffles Hotel Singapore 

hotel penthouse suites singapore -Raffles Hotel Singapore suite living room
Image: Raffles Hotel Singapore

Best suites: The Sarkies Suite and Sir Stamford Raffles Suite (both 250 square metres)
Price: Upon enquiry
Special perks: Dedicated butler and chauffeur-driven limousine 

Good things come in pairs, and these two presidential suites are the jewel in the crown at Raffles Hotel Singapore. With the hotel’s long-standing rich history, it’s not your ordinary stay but an exceptional experience. All the more so when you know that icons such as Queen Elizabeth II, Michael Jackson, and even author Rudyard Kipling have once strolled through the same doors.

Raffles Hotel Singapore penthouse suite bathroom
Image: Raffles Hotel Singapore

Depending on the size of your party, you can choose between one or two-bedroom suites. All rooms boast king-size beds and soft white sheets. As at any five-star hotel, there’s a pillow menu and daily turndown service so you can sink into a cloud of comfort after a long day. 

Raffles Hotel Singapore penthouse suite bedroom
Image: Raffles Hotel Singapore

Each suite stands at 250 square metres so there’s ample space to entertain. There is a parlour, dining and living spaces, a personal pantry, and a large private balcony that overlooks the Palm Court, all at your disposal.

Book Raffles Hotel Singapore’s best suites

2. Mandarin Oriental

hotel penthouse suites singapore Mandarin Oriental suite living room
Image: Mandarin Oriental

Best suite: Royal Marina Bay Penthouse (393 sqm)
Price: From $23,600 per night
Special perks: A Porsche drive experience, pillow menu, complimentary mini bar 

The Mandarin Oriental’s Royal Marina Bay Penthouse is a massive four-bedroom suite. It’s a rare gem just for the sheer number of bedrooms, making it suitable for business trips or an extended family gathering. 

hotel penthouse suites singapore Mandarin Oriental suite patio
Image: Mandarin Oriental

There’s also a fully equipped chef’s kitchen and a formal dining table for 10, all elements that you need for one magnificent private dinner. If you need inspiration, see our list of the best private dining chefs in Singapore – they do everything from sourcing local produce to serving up exquisite plates.

Mandarin Oriental penthouse suite bedroom
Image: Mandarin Oriental

If not lounging in your super king-size bed, you’ll be taking in panoramic views of the Marina Bay waterfront while basking in your own private hot tub. A stay here includes access to Haus 65, a luxurious fine wine lounge on the 21st floor that’s the brainchild of both M.O. and the members-only Mandala Club.

Book Mandarin Oriental’s Royal Marina Bay Penthouse

3. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

hotel penthouse suites singapore The Fullerton Hotel Singapore suite
Image: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Best suite: Presidential Suite (210 square metres)
Price: Upon enquiry
Special perks: Butler service, fully stocked mini bar, complimentary departure transfer, complimentary heritage tour, and other The Straits Club privileges 

What was once Singapore’s main post office is now a five-star hotel: The Fullerton Hotel. This grand dame’s Presidential Suite is the epitome of elegance, with a baby grand piano placed front and centre. Every detail has been carefully thought of, from a private elevator to a glass-enclosed verandah – so you get all the waterfront views and none of Singapore’s characteristically muggy heat. 

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore penthouse suite bedroom
Image: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

With living and dining rooms, a kitchenette, and a study that’s all yours, you could spend the entire day here without wanting for more. The separate bedroom comes with an adjoined study and a walk-in-wardrobe. 

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore penthouse suite bathroom
Image: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Bunker down after taking a soak with Balmain amenities, while playing your favourite playlist through the Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speakers. You also get The Straits Club privileges, which comes with a special champagne breakfast, afternoon tea, and evening canapes and cocktails. 

Book The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s Presidential Suite

4. Artyzen Singapore

hotel penthouse suites singapore Artyzen Singapore suite
Image: Artyzen Singapore

Best suite: Penthouse Suite (448 square metres)
Price: Upon enquiry
Special perks: Large rooms with high ceilings

Claiming to be Singapore’s largest penthouse suite, Artyzen Singapore’s Presidential Suite is no slouch when it comes to size. The suite spans a mighty 448 square metres – it’ll take you a good 20 minutes or so to thoroughly explore all corners. They’ve got the full set of bells and whistles here, from four-metre-high ceilings to a walk-through wardrobe. There’s even a separate sitting room, a living area where you may choose to entertain guests. 

Artyzen Singapore penthouse suite bedroom
Image: Artyzen Singapore

With a suite this large right in the middle of Orchard, you’ll be wanting to invite over the entire entourage. They’ve also deemed themselves as “bungalows in the sky”, and with a private gym, office and terrace, and they’re not wrong. This is a one-of-a-kind luxury experience in a new hotel that’s recently opened in late 2023. 

Artyzen Singapore penthouse suite patio
Image: Artyzen Singapore

Book Artyzen Singapore’s Penthouse Suite 

5. Marina Bay Sands Singapore

hotel penthouse suites singapore Marina Bay Sands Singapore suite
Image: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Best suite: Chairman Suite (600 square metres)
Price: Upon enquiry
Special perks: Round-trip limousine service, in-suite private bartender with a complimentary cocktail per person, personal butler, in-suite check-in, complimentary breakfast buffet, and The Club at Renku privileges

Marina Bay Sands Singapore penthouse suite theatre
Image: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

While other grand hotel suites might have stunning views overlooking the city’s waterfront promenade, Marina Bay Sands is the view itself. At this iconic hotel’s Chairman Suite, everything’s looking classy – a huge feat considering that the suite spans a jaw-dropping 600 square metres.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore penthouse suite gym
Image: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Take the private lift up 53 floors: a baby grand piano makes quite the entrance – talk about living the good life. With two living rooms, a fully stocked kitchen, up to four bedrooms, and four bathrooms, everything’s in lavish excess. There’s also a private gym for you to fit in a few workouts and a massage room and sauna to unwind after. On the entertainment front, you’ve got your own media room with a full-fledged karaoke set and a billiards room too.

Book Marina Bay Sands Singapore’s Chairman Suite

6. Pan Pacific Singapore

hotel penthouse suites singapore Pan Pacific Singapore suite
Image: Pan Pacific Singapore

Best suite: Pan Pacific Suite (152 square metres)
Price: From $4,415 per night
Special perks: Limousine transfer services, daily use of Pacific Club Lounge private dining rooms, and other Pacific Club Lounge privileges 

Pan Pacific Singapore penthouse suite dining
Image: Pan Pacific Singapore

When you’ve got a hotel suite as grand as the Pan Pacific Suite, you’ll never want to leave. Beautifully furnished and thoughtfully designed, this is luxe living at its best. With separate living and entertainment spaces, it’s also the ideal spot to host a dinner party or get-together. After all, there’s a dining table that seats up to eight guests too.

Pan Pacific Singapore penthouse suite bedroom
Image: Pan Pacific Singapore

The bedroom has a king-size bed, with a pillow menu for a good night’s sleep. Take your pick from buckwheat hull organic, foam, contour, or coil polyester. You’ll also have access to Pacific Club, where you can head over whenever you’re feeling peckish, whether it be for an opulent champagne breakfast or elegant afternoon tea.

Book Pan Pacific Singapore’s Pan Pacific Suite

7. The St. Regis Singapore

The St. Regis Singapore penthouse suite
Image: The St. Regis Singapore

Best suite: Presidential Suite (355 square metres)
Price: From $9,829 per night
Special perks: 24-hour butler service, evening turn-downs

As one of Singapore’s more stately hotels, The St. Regis Singapore carries a certain weight to its name. Some household names who have made this grand abode their hotel of choice include the likes of the UAE Royal Family and Hillary Clinton.

The St. Regis Singapore penthouse suite living room
Image: The St. Regis Singapore

It’s easy to see why, when the Presidential Suite has Czech crystal chandeliers, a marble bathroom boasting hand-cut French tiles, and an oversized jacuzzi tub by the window. The decor is reminiscent of old money wealth, with plush armchairs and rare artworks of the American expressionism era – featuring renowned artists like Sam Francis and Mark Tobey. There’s also a daily aperitivo hour for cocktails and antipasti, held at Astor Bar.

Book The St. Regis Singapore’s Presidential Suite

8. Fairmont Singapore

hotel penthouse suites singapore Fairmont Singapore suite
Image: Fairmont Singapore

Best suite: Presidential Suite (279 square metres)
Price: Upon enquiry
Special perks: Airport and city limousine transfers, dedicated butler, personal shopper, unpacking services, and other Fairmont Gold Lounge privileges 

You’re right in the lap of luxury with Fairmont Singapore’s Presidential Suite. Take a breath of fresh air at one of your seven private balconies – the panoramic views of Marina Bay are a sight to behold, especially when night falls and the twinkling city lights come into play.

Fairmont Singapore penthouse suite dining room
Image: Fairmont Singapore

It’s more than your home away from home, boasting a living and dining room, separate study, kitchenette with a pantry, and an ensuite bedroom. There’s even a powder room for your guests to freshen up if needed. 

Fairmont Singapore penthouse suite
Image: Fairmont Singapore

A stay in this special suite offers you free access to Fairmont Gold Lounge, which includes complimentary breakfast and evening drinks with hors d’oeuvres. But you can also give in to the warm comfort of your bed, and enjoy being served breakfast in bed. With such a grand suite, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to venture out. Instead, they’ll be coming to you: save some time for your complimentary daily in-room service, whether it’s a massage, facial, or fitness session.

Book Fairmont Singapore’s Presidential Suite

9. Swissotel the Stamford

hotel penthouse suites singapore Swissotel the Stamford suite
Image: Swissotel the Stamford

Best suite: Presidential Suite 210 square metres)
Price: Upon enquiry
Special perks: Exclusive access to Level 65 Lounge

It’s a special experience when the iconic Marina Bay Sands is right outside your window. At the Presidential Suite of Swissotel the Stamford, the 180-degree views of the harbour never gets old – especially when you’re perched amongst the clouds on the 66th floor. 

Swissotel the Stamford penthouse suite bathroom
Image: Swissotel the Stamford

Natural light streams through the living and dining areas, a space that’s conceptualised for open-planning living. With the Swissotel brand coming from Zurich, the Swiss influence is made apparent through the accent artworks of the Swiss landscape, statement lamps, and a sleigh-inspired rocking chair that fits two.  

Book Swissotel the Stamford’s Presidential Suite

10. Shangri-La Singapore

hotel penthouse suites singapore Shangri-La Singapore suite
Image: Shangri-La Singapore

Best suite: Valley Wing Shangri-La Suite (348 square metres)
Price: From USD 10,697 (S$14,311.20)
Special perks: Dedicated concierge, and other Horizon Club Lounge privileges including all-day beverage service along with cocktails and canapes

Shangri-La Singapore penthouse suite
Image: Shangri-La Singapore

All rooms in Shangri-La Singapore are exquisite, but the Valley Wing Shangri-La Suite is the absolute creme de la creme. Not only is it a sprawling oasis at 348 square metres, but it’s been cleverly designed for your every need. Beyond the living room, drawing room, and a formal dining area with a kitchenette, there’s also a private gym and sauna. The balcony overlooks Shangri-La’s lush gardens, where you’ll see a unique orchid pavilion. 

Shangri-La Singapore penthouse suite bedroom
Image: Shangri-La Singapore

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: you can also expect plush carpets and fresh floral arrangements in every room. Whether you’re sipping a cup of tea from a delicate Wedgewood tea set or luxuriating in the feel of Italian silk bedspreads, everything here is of top-notch quality. We can see why this suite was the first choice for former US presidents Obama and Bush when they visited Singapore. 

Book Shangri-La Singapore’s Valley Wing Shangri-La Suite

11. Four Seasons Singapore

hotel penthouse suites singapore Four Seasons Singapore suite
Image: Four Seasons Singapore

Best suite: Presidential Suite (199 square metres)
Price: Upon enquiry
Special perks: Arrival and departure arrangements, personalised concierge, business support services, and other Executive Club privileges 

Known as one of the top five-star hotels around the world, Four Seasons Singapore is unrivalled in their flair for opulence with the Presidential Suite. The devil’s in the details when it comes to luxury – seemingly small touches like rare Asian antiques and a kitchenette with a separate entrance? All befitting for the upper echelons, whether to entertain socially or for a business meeting. You also get a one-hour use of the hotel’s Temasek Meeting Room.

Four Seasons Singapore penthouse suite dining room
Image: Four Seasons Singapore

Once work or social niceties are out of the way though, take a breather in your bedroom while donned in the hotel’s thick terry robes or yukata robes. Here, you’ve got an ensuite marble bathroom and a choice of a mattress topper: plush, signature, or firm. The suite comes with Executive Club privileges, including afternoon tea, Gin O’clock, and evening cocktails.

Book Four Seasons Singapore’s Presidential Suite

12. InterContinental Singapore Middle Road

hotel penthouse suites singapore InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay suite dining room
Image: InterContinental Singapore

Best suite: Presidential Suite (259 square metres)
Price: Upon enquiry
Special perks: Two-way airport limousine transfer by Mercedes S400, dedicated butler service, and other Club InterContinental Lounge privileges

InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay
Image: InterContinental Singapore

With floor-to-ceiling windows, the sweeping views of the city are what you’ll first notice when you step foot into InterContinental Singapore’s Presidential Suite. But of course, being greeted by a welcome bottle of champagne comes a close second. The suite is tasteful, a subtle display of elegance with an ornate chandelier and accent colours of gold and blue.

hotel penthouse suites singapore InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay suite bedroom
Image: InterContinental Singapore

There’s also a cosy study area if you need to take a business call or tackle some work. Once you’re wrapped up for the day though, make sure to make the most of the Club InterContinental Lounge experience where you’re offered complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, and evening cocktails.

Book InterContinental Singapore’s Presidential Suite

Extravagant hotel penthouse suites in Singapore

In space-constrained Singapore, these are the most luxurious hotel penthouse suites you could ever experience – they’re sure to impress even the most discerning of travellers.

Looking for more luxury experiences? Check out the best private islands in Southeast Asia and luxury cruises you can take from Singapore.

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Experience luxury without limits at these all-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia

Indulge in a fuss-free getaway at these 10 all-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia, where dining and experiences are included in your stay.

While the notion of convenience may seem at odds with luxury, it often reaches its zenith. After all, having to flash your card for every drink, snack, or last-minute “experience” is way less of a flex than it is a chore. 

Now, picture this: Michelin-starred meals, award-winning spas, and a slew of other exotic activities, in one postal code and one convenient bill. It’s the perfect formula for a hassle-free holiday; equal parts flexible and indulgent for those who wish to leave all the planning and anxiety behind at their day jobs. So if you’re in desperate need of a nearby escape, these All-Inclusive Resorts in Southeast Asia might just be your paradise on earth. 

What do all-inclusive resorts offer?

If the term “all-inclusive” is any indication, guests pay a flat fee to access a myriad of complimentary benefits. This usually includes fuss-free  inclusions such as three meals daily, free flow alcoholic beverages, hotel activities, and wellness services. 

In the realm of luxury stays, this can also mean 24/7 butler services, private chefs, and other exclusive tours and in-house activities. Think: an all-you-can-eat buffet of decadent dishes; relaxing full-body massages; or even specially curated activities – all tailored to your liking. 

1. Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Personal butlers and an in-house solar-powered reef garden

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Soneva Kiri swimming pool
Image: Soneva Kiri

Koh Kood, with its fluffy white sand, secluded waterfalls, and exotic mangroves, is a proverbial hidden gem among Thailand’s well-trodden islands of Phuket, Koh Samui, and Koh Phangan. Stippled along its northwestern cove are the idyllic villas of Soneva Kiri, from beachfront retreats to jungle hideaways to clifftop sanctuaries. 

The villas here are adorned with private pools, expansive interiors, and complimentary electric buggies for when adventure calls you to nearby forest paths. Plus, if you’re ever in need of route recommendations or other services, your dedicated butlers, known as Barefoot Guardians, will be there around the clock to attend to your every request.

Soneva Kiri dive site
Image: Soneva Kiri

A Soneva Unlimited experience will fetch you all-inclusive access to the resort’s Michelin-starred restaurants and bars, spa treatments, and state-of-the-art gym facilities. Guided tours to the island’s Ao Salat fishing village, Yai Ki waterfall, and seven other beaches, bays, and hidden coves are also highly recommended and readily available.

This coastal escapade wouldn’t be complete without a splash at Soneva Kiri’s own solar-powered reef garden, which is arguably one of Koh Kood’s more unique dive sites. Try to spot all five of the sunken animal sculptures amidst the bustling sea life. 

How to get to Soneva Kiri: Transfers to Soneva Kiri can be booked with the hotel for USD700/adult (S$940.95) and USD350/child (S$470.48). From Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok, it is a 90-minute flight to Koh Mai Si (MSI), Soneva Kiri’s Airport Island, on the resort’s private plane. You’ll then take a 5-minute speedboat to Soneva Kiri. 

Rates: From USD825/day (S$1,107.97) for adults , USD415/day (S$557.35) for children

Soneva Kiri website

2. Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Bioluminescent shores and complimentary round transfers

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Song Saa Private Island
Image: Song Saa Private Island

For many of us city-dwellers, waking up to the sound of waves at your doorstep is wishful thinking—until a visit to Song Saa Private Island, that is. Here, Mama Ocean lies just beyond the threshold of your floating villa, which also comes with a sundeck, plunge pool, and outdoor shower in tow.

While private islands typically raise eyebrows for accessibility, the resort’s all-inclusive rate greatly simplifies the process. Guests may arrange for return car and speedboat transfers between Sihanoukville International Airport, Sihanoukville International Port, and the island.

Song Saa Private Island seaside spa
Image: Song Saa Private Island

Seize the most out of your day on the island with a 30-minute good morning massage, unlimited house pours to beat the afternoon heat, and dinner at your preferred sea-view restaurant. While your stream of meals, snacks, and beverages are at whim and will, it’s worth noting that the resort operates under a no-waste policy, and will charge guests for any unconsumed food.

Song Saa Private Island bioluminescent shores
Image: Song Saa Private Island

Complimentary snorkelling gear also await you at Song Saa’s House Reef, as do the local population of parrotfish, damselfish, sea horses, spotted rays and sea turtles. Those willing to stay up past bedtime can consider camping out on the main beach or travelling further into sea to witness millions of Bioluminescent Plankton sparkle in the waves.

How to get to Song Saa Private Island: From Phnom Penh International Airport, take a 40-minute flight to Sihanoukville International Airport (KOS) or drive two and a half hours to Sihanoukville Port. The port is a 30-minute drive from KOS. The island is a 45-minute speedboat ride from the port. Helicopter transfers can be arranged.

Rates: From USD1,677/night (S$2,252.21)

Song Saa Private Island website

3. Phuket Marriot Merlin Beach, Thailand

In-house reef and butterfly sanctuary

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach
Image: Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach

Leave it to Marriott to set the curve on luxury resort amenities. Boasting 4 sizable pools, 414 rooms and suites, and an in-house reef, Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach’s compound is nothing short of a seaside oasis.

Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach in-room dining spread
Image: Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach

With daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the house, all-inclusive guests are privy to a diverse range of dining options, including freshly-caught seafood, authentic grills, and organic Phuket coffee. When it’s inevitably time for a tipple, head over to The Rum Shack beach bar for a few of their signature rum cocktails that pair perfectly with the sunset over the Andaman Sea. 

All resort activities and non-motorised water sports, like Muay Thai boxing class and beachside yoga, are also on the table.

Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach kid-friendly activities
Image: Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach

Ever committed to conservation, Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach also works to preserve and restore the unique reef ecosystem and declining butterfly population within the resort. Experience it firsthand at their Reef Education Center, which organises exploratory excursions, and reef etiquette training. Additionally, visit their on-site butterfly sanctuary to discover the life cycles of native butterflies and their role in environmental pollination.

How to get to Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach: Phuket International Airport (HKT) is a one-hour and 17-minute drive to Phuket Marriot Merlin Beach. Airport taxis are available at the airport, or you can book a private transfer. 

Rates: From THB11,000/night (S$412.57) 

Phuket Marriot website

4. Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

Robust outdoor adventures including a 400m jungle zipline

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Shinta Mani Wild zipline
Image credit: Shinta Mani Wild

While three nights is the minimum period of stay at Shinta Mani Wild, it’s still hardly enough to absorb all the enchantment this “everything-but-your-helicopter” flat-fee resort has to offer. We’re talking authentic Cambodian fare, spa treatments, wellness activities, and of course, some good ol’ Tarzan-type adventure to truly get in touch with nature.

Take on the Cardamom mountains with your Adventure Butler, who will guide you on bar-touting expedition boats across the upper Srey Ambel Estuary, 400m ziplines over the Tmor Rung River, mountain biking through a Khmer village, and more.

Shinta Mani Wild tented room
Image credit: Shinta Mani Wild

Afterwards, there’s no better way to unwind from the highs of life than by cosying up in one of the 15 luxury tents along the riverbank, each flanked by lush verdure and consisting of its own unique decor.

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Shinta Mani Wild room patio
Image credit: Shinta Mani Wild

In case you’re wondering, all tents do feature both air-conditioned and outdoor spaces, so there’s no sacrifice of your metropolitan comforts. Your friendly Adventure Butler also takes up traditional butler roles, like unpacking your luggage and fulfilling any ad-hoc requests.

How to get to Shinta Mani Wild: The resort’s chauffeur will pick you up from either Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH) or Sihanoukville International Airport (KOS). The journey from both airports takes slightly less than two hours.

Rates: From USD1,900/night (S$2,554.93) per couple, with a minimum three-night stay.

Shinta Mani Wild website

5. Misool, Indonesia

Four-to-one staff to guest ratio

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Misool, Indonesia
Image: Misool

Just south of the equator, tucked away in the pristine archipelago of Southwest Papua, lies the elusive Misool resort—a far-out Eden fringed with 300,000 acres of protected marine habitat and 41 powder-white beaches.

For those seeking a more off-the-grid type getaway, Misool offers an intimate experience with a maximum capacity of just 40 guests, a staff-to-guest ratio of four to one, and exclusive visitation schedules for 2024.

Misool dive site
Image: Misool

Sign up for the Island Adventure Package for full board inclusions of four meals per day, high tea, and select non-alcoholic beverages.

Fans of the popular BBC series ‘Life’ may also recognise some of the 60 dive sites within a one-hour radius of the resort, teeming with an array of coral, lobsters, manta rays, and reef sharks. Everything you’ll need for your underwater odyssey can be found at The Hive, a two-story social and activity hub equipped with rinse tanks, hot water showers, hammocks, and panoramic views of the uninhabited Daram Islands. 

Misool recreational club
Image: Misool

Not far away at The Lookout, pamper yourself with skin scrubs, facial toners, and body wraps derived from local ingredients such as Indonesian kemiri nuts, hand-pressed coconut oil, and Papua coffee grounds. It’d be remiss not to indulge in their Signature ‘Batu Lola’ Massage, which involves a deluge of homemade essential oils and the soothing warmth of a heated sea snail shell, to revitalise weary minds and muscles. 

Alternatively, you may treat yourself to these wellness services in the comfort of your own Balinese-style water cottage. 

How to get to Misool: It’s recommended that guests transit via Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK) in Jakarta to get to Domine Eduard Osok Airport (SOQ) in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia. The Misool team will greet you at the airport, where a private speedboat will take you to the resort. 

Rates: From USD3,595/night (S$4,833.12) per couple, with a minimum week’s stay.

Misool website

6. Nay Palad Hideaway, Philippines

Traditional Filipino architecture

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Nay Palad Hideaway
Image: Nay Palad Hideaway

Filipino craftsmanship is steeped in centuries of tradition and passion, making it one of the top things to see when visiting the Pearl of the Orient. At Nay Palad Hideaway, cultural appreciation is an everyday luxury as the whole resort is decked out in hand-weaving, wood carving, glass hand-blowing, and a dozen other traditional details. 

The villas themselves draw inspiration from indigenous Bahay Kubo architecture, featuring bamboo and driftwood structures that blend rustic and refined charm.

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Nay Palad Hideaway beach lounge
Image: Nay Palad Hideaway

Besides the usual water sports activities, there’s plenty to do on land as well. Grassy sprawls and golden beaches are perfect for a friendly round of soccer or beach volleyball, while billiard and foosball aficionados may check out the Game Room for more indoor gaming options.

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Nay Palad Hideaway
Image: Nay Palad Hideaway

Wellness at Nay Palad is also a serious commitment; in fact, there’s an entire Spa Village devoted to the art of R&R. Anticipate a full range of world-class treatments, especially the resort’s signature Hilot massage, a Filipino shiatsu acclaimed for its healing abilities. 

Additionally, Om-ies may indulge in daily guided yoga sessions that can be arranged for any location—sea, treehouse, century-old mangrove, you name it. 

How to get to Nay Palad Hideaway: Transit through either Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB) in Cebu or Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) in Manila to get to Siargao’s Sayak Airport (IAO). The resort’s chauffeur will pick you up from IAO. The journey takes about 40 minutes.

Rates: From USD2,180/night (S$2,934.12).

Nay Palad Hideaway website

7. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand

Glamping with rescued elephants

From being ancient warriors, to faithful labourers and religious icons, it’s no doubt that elephants are a crucial and cherished facet of Thai culture. Yet, the spate of forest clearing and illegal poaching have caused population numbers to plummet over recent years.

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle elephant encounter
Image: Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

Your best, most ethical bet to catching these gentle giants in action would be through a trusted conservation program, like the one at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle resort. ‘Elephant and I’ mahout guides will take you to nearby rivers to observe rescued elephants enjoying a bath, while also imparting insights and interaction etiquette.

Inspired guests may even adopt an elephant off the streets by donating to the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF), which funnels proceeds directly to welfare needs.

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle room
Image: Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

Mammal watching aside, the all-inclusive deal also entails long tail boat rides along the Mekong River and private tours of local temples and markets. Meals, beverages, 90-minute spa treatments for two, and nightly sundowners are also part of the package.

How to get to Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle: Transit through either Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) or Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) in Bangkok to get to  Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI). Enquire with the hotel for airport limousine transfers to the hotel. The journey takes approximately one hour.

Rates: From USD3,834/night (S$5,160.28) with a minimum four-night stay.

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle website

8. Melia Bali, Indonesia

Family-friendly resort with 50% off for kids

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Melia Bali swimming pool cabana
Image: Melia Bali

The whole “family roadmap replacing world maps” concept feels increasingly cliché now, especially when resorts like Melia Bali are providing free and 50% off all-inclusive packages for kids under one and aged two to 11, respectively.

You and your little ones can indulge in high tea at the Sateria Restaurant, make daily use of snorkelling gear, canoes, and paddleboards, and receive additional discounts for spa treatments and room upgrades. If the family is in the mood for some friendly competition, hash it out on any one of their tennis, badminton, basketball or sports courts.

Melia Bali food spread
Image: Melia Bali

With seven exquisite restaurants catering lavish buffet breakfasts, tantalising international lunches, and sumptuous Mediterranean dinners, even the most picky of eaters will fill their plate. 

Melia Bali kids club
Image: Melia Bali

Once the kids are well-fed and all tucked in, parents can mellow out at any of the resort’s 24-hour open bars, complete with romantic piano lobbies and stunning views of the Mount Agung volcano.

How to get to Melia Bali: Take a taxi or private hire from Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) to the resort. The journey takes about 25 minutes.

Rates: From USD183/Night (S$246.30)

Melia Bali website

9. Tanjong Jara Resort, Malaysia

Daily chakra-activating morning exercises

Malaysians and Singaporeans are in for a special treat at Tanjong Jara Resort. With the all-inclusive Residents package, these guests are entitled to daily breakfasts, two-course lunches and dinners, and a slew of complimentary drinks. Alternatively, you can book their Be Rewarded package to have daily credits of RM500 (S$141.96) to pamper yourself at the resort’s Spa Village and any of the onsite restaurants.

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Tanjong Jara Resort villa
Image: Tanjong Jara Resort

The essence of the Terengganu spirit is palpable in the resort’s design, reflecting the sophistication of 17th century Malay palaces and its rich heritage.

You may also find it in the daily chakra-activating morning exercises held in the resort, inspired by the Malay concept of Sucimurni, which highlights spiritual purity, health, and well-being. Alternatively, you can explore it by joining the resort’s resident naturalist for a tour of the Malay herbal garden and a gentle hike up the steps of Jara Hill. From there, you’ll be treated to a sweeping panorama of the coastline, which also happens to be a sea eagle nesting hideout.

Tanjong Jara Resort turtle conservation
Image: Tanjong Jara Resort

For those in the know, to catch baby turtles burrowing up from the sand and floundering down to the sea is a tough occasion to witness. Thankfully, a special collaboration with Lang Tengah Turtle Watch has introduced a turtle hatchery right next to the resort’s Nelayan restaurant, providing uncharacteristically easy access to observe the hatching process.

And if one stay is not enough, you can also enjoy the same package over at their sister sanctuary, Gaya Island Resort, which is nestled among protected Bornean mangroves, rainforests, and sheltered coral reefs, with Mount Kinabalu trailing in the horizon.

How to get to Tanjong Jara Resort: Transit from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) or Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SZB) to Kuala Terengganu Airport (TGG). From there, grab a taxi or arrange for the resort’s private vehicle to bring you to the resort.

Rates: From MYR1,239/night (S$351.78), with a minimum 2-night stay

Tanjong Jara resort website

10. Artis Villa Jatiluwih, Indonesia

Private chef with room-service dining

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Artis Villa Jatiluwih
Image: Artis Villa Jatiluwih

Catering to honeymooners, the Artis Villa Jatiluwih: Countryside Escape stands as a single, two-story stilt house with panoramic views that stretch all the way to the sea. Nestled within a charming village, this exquisite abode is endowed with the finest antique furnishings and bedclothes, featuring a terrazzo-style bathtub on the lower floor.

As one of the more untouched rural areas in Bali and a bonafide UNESCO World Heritage site, Jatiluwih offers a romantic, off-the-beaten-path experience amidst photogenic rice terraces. With their all-inclusive package, a personal chef will even visit your room to prepare meals made from organic vegetables and fruits harvested in the adjacent garden.

All-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia - Artis Villa Jatiluwih riverside lounge
Image: Artis Villa Jatiluwih

Further down, meander down a little path that’ll guide you through bamboo forests, cornucopian jungles, and pristine rivers. Relish in a refreshing plunge or serenade your loved one with a streamside picnic under the refuge of a teak wood barn.

Other services and amenities, like car rentals, day trips, massages, laundry services, and more, can be arranged through the friendly villa manager,  

How to get to Artis Villa Jatiluwih: Take a taxi or private hire from Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) to the resort. The journey takes slightly less than two hours.

Rates: Contact the resort for rates and availability.

Artis Villa website

All-Inclusive luxury resorts in Southeast Asia

The convenience of settling one, comprehensive fee in advance unlocks a realm of luxury like never before. Indulge in true escape, where every amenity, activity and attraction is seamlessly catered to, so you can leave your wallet of worries behind.

Cover image: Phuket Marriott Merlin Beach

Savour your appreciation for wine at these 7 wine clubs in Singapore

Whether it’s for exclusive tastings, masterclasses, or rare collections, wine connoisseurs converge at these best wine clubs in Singapore.

For many of us, wine isn’t just the occasional alcoholic bevvy to have while dining out – there’s a whole world out there that’s centred around the art of wine. And we can certainly see why, since each bottle speaks volumes of the terroir and time-honoured traditions of wine-making. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your palate or seeking to connect with fellow wine aficionados, these seven members’ wine clubs in Singapore are a gateway to appreciating wine. Let’s cheers to never-ending wine lists, exquisite wine tastings, and plenty of expert masterclasses.

1. Park 90

Access to rare, hard-to-procure wines

wine clubs in Singapore -Park 90
Image: Park 90

It’s at Conrad Singapore Orchard’s lobby where you’ll find Park 90, a swanky wine lounge that prides itself on good wine and food. You’ll get to enjoy a bevy of privileges at this members-only club, from exclusive wine tastings to BYO Cellar Nights. There are also Wine Portfolio Tasting experiences held monthly, to try a range of old world wines and the occasional 100-point wine. 

But membership at this wine club is most sought after for their access to wines on limited release – rare bottles that aren’t often available on the market. Part of their services include procuring coveted, rare vintages. 

There’s also a team of sommeliers to lend you their expert opinion on which investment-grade bottles are best to add to your collection. A major plus: wines purchased here can be stored for free in their temperature-controlled and humidity-optimised cellar. You’ll also get to enjoy a special members-only price for all wines on their wine list. 

How to be a member: Sign up at Park 90 with a sign-up fee of $500. You’ll also receive a complimentary bottle of champagne.

Membership fees: From $150 per month or from $5,000 (can be used for wine credits) annually

Park 90 website 

2. 67 Pall Mall

The largest wine list in the region with more than 6,000 wines

wine clubs in singapore - 67 Pall Mall
Their floor-to-ceiling wine cellar is their centrepiece.
Image: 67 Pall Mall

It was with great fanfare when private members’ club 67 Pall Mall first opened in early 2022. Perched at the top of Shaw Centre along Orchard Road, this fine wine club boasts the largest wine list in the region – a collection of more than 6,000 wines, with more than 1,000 available by the glass. With experienced sommeliers at the ready, you’ve got a knowledge of wealth on hand. The wine list is only available on iPads, with details on tasting notes, critics’ scores, and winemakers’ stories. 

Besides appreciating rare wines, the club also hosts masterclasses, walk-around-tastings, and regular dinner parties. The very first 67 Pall Mall was in London, but now, they’ve got a global network of wine aficionados across cities like Verbier and Bordeaux. Pay heed to the smart casual dress code: it’s one of the few places in Singapore to put on a cocktail dress or smart trousers. 

How to be a member: Submit an application form which includes a short biography. 

Membership fees: $3,600 annually

67 Pall Mall website

3. Haus 65

100-point wines available by the glass

Mandala Club wine club in Singapore
Image: Mandala Club

With Mandala Club being one of Singapore’s most sought-after social clubs for the younger folks, many members also naturally gravitate towards fine wine. And that’s how Haus 65 came about, a lounge space on the 21st floor of Mandarin Oriental that puts fine wine and oenology events at its core. While you’ll get access to hotel facilities – such as the pool, gym, and spa – you’re most likely there for the 1,000 label wine list. 

There are also wine tasting sessions held weekly, held by certified leading sommeliers and renowned winemakers. Wines are stored in a large cellar, with a rotating wine list – you’ll get to try a few 100-point wines available by the glass. Fun fact: if you order the last glass from any of these bottles, you’ll get to choose the next bottle from the wine list to add to the selection.

How to be a member: You’ll need to be a member of Mandala Club or a hotel guest at Mandarin Oriental to access Haus 65.

Membership fees: Initiation fee starting from $2,500 and from $2,139 annually

Haus 65 website

4. Fine Wines Tasting Club

Thematic wine nights with blind tasting

Fine Wines Tasting Club
Image: Fine Wines

Fine Wines Tasting Club might pride themselves on offering exceptional bottles of Bordeaux and Burgundy during tastings, but there’s no elitism whatsoever at this wine club. In fact, everyone is welcome to join whether a novice drinker or wine connoisseur. Here, the common topic is none other than wine – it’s where you’ll get to meet like-minded folks with no pretence or pretension.

Join one of their thematic wine nights to experience a blind wine tasting. Whether it’s new or old world wines, Super Tuscans or Bordeaux, or even China or France – each tasting is bound to pique your interest. Swirl your glass, take a sip, and see what nuanced notes come through: it’s a whole new world of wine out there when you’re going in blind. The Club also offers masterclasses with a focus on Italian and French wines.

How to be a member: Drop an email to Fine Wines Tasting Club, and leave a note on what your favourite wine region is.

Membership fees: Upon enquiry 

Fine Wines Tasting Club website

5. Aroma of Wine

A wine cellar to store up to 500 bottles

Aroma of Wine club
Image: Aroma of Wine

While originally an online fine wine marketplace, Aroma of Wine also has a private members’ club to appreciate or collect wine. Not only will you earn membership points through this loyalty programme, but you’ll also be offered in-person experiences such as private wine tastings, blending sessions, and wine pairing meals. 

One of the best perks though, is that you’ll get to use the wine cellar for storage of up to 500 bottles. Now, the cellar is both temperature and humidity-controlled – it’s the ideal storage conditions when it comes to keeping a prized bottle of wine. You’ll also have access to private tasting rooms, where you can enjoy tastings with your friends and family.

How to be a member: Drop them a call for options and availability.

Membership fees: Upon enquiry. Platinum, Gold, and Silver memberships available.

Aroma of Wine website

6. Uncorked by The American Club

Regular wine pairing dinners

wine clubs singapore - Uncorked by The American Club
Image: The American Club

It’s over at The American Club where you’ll find Uncorked, a wine appreciation club that offers first dibs on limited and rare wines. But it’s not simply about developing your wine palate – Uncorked also understands the intricacies behind matching wine to food. The Club often holds wine dinners and tastings, where you’ll enjoy privileges like priority booking and special prices.

Past events typically centre around the celebration of wine. Take the Mitjaville Wine Dinner that was held in late 2023 – a wine pairing meal that featured the Mitjaville family’s three wine estates in Saint-Emilion and Dordogne. Known for their exquisite wineries, these wines complemented a curated menu featuring the likes of a foie gras terrine and twice-cooked kurobuta pork belly. Speakers and experts are also often invited down to these events to share their vast know-how on different wine varietals.

How to be a member: You have to be a member of The American Club to join Uncorked

Membership fees: $215 annually

Uncorked by The American Club website

7. Wine Circle by Singapore Cricket Club

Overseas winery tours

Singapore Cricket Club wine club
Image: Singapore Cricket Club

While the Singapore Cricket Club started as a social sport club centred around field games – with cricket at the heart of it – their sense of camaraderie is also built on wining and dining. With that in mind, came Wine Circle, a wine club just for members to share their enthusiasm around fine wines. 

It’s not just a networking club, but rather, one where devoted connoisseurs can come together to bond over the art of wine. They occasionally host experiences like wine tasting, wine appreciation classes, and country-themed events with visiting ambassadors – there might even be an overseas winery tour in the near future. As a member, you’ll get to enjoy a special rate for all the above. 

How to be a member: You have to be a member of the Singapore Cricket Club to join Wine Circle. You can email the club, or pick up a registration form at the Member Services Desk.

Membership fees: Upon enquiry 

Wine Circle at Singapore Cricket Club website

Best wine clubs in Singapore 

Appreciating wine is a nuanced hobby all in itself. At Singapore’s best wine clubs, you’ll be whisked away on a journey from savouring rare vintages by the glass to procuring coveted cult wines. 

Make sure to also see what other extravagant experiences might catch your interest, from joining Singapore’s exclusive watch clubs to tucking into an opulent champagne brunch.

Cover image: 67 Pall Mall

Rejuvenate in style at these luxurious wellness resorts in Southeast Asia

Self-care takes centre stage at these 12 best luxury wellness resorts in Southeast Asia, from specially curated programmes to holistic treatments.

Nothing eases the mind, body, and soul more than a getaway far from the hustle and bustle of the city life we’re so used to. Needless to say, it’s hard to beat staying at a luxury wellness retreat when it comes to getting in tune with your physical and mental wellbeing. 

With professional wellness coaches and bespoke programmes paired with perfectly tranquil backdrops, we can’t imagine a better way to truly rest and relax. 

What can you expect at a wellness retreat?

You could say that wellness retreats are a step above your regular resort spas. Its ethos is often centred around a mix of pampering and wellbeing of their distinguished guests. And so, wellness retreats are perfect for those who seek true rest and relaxation. Often, these retreats are amplified by immersing its guests in the natural beauty of nature.

Many retreats offer specially tailored programmes to suit your every need, while some offer bespoke wellness services – from spa treatments and detox plans, to local cleansing sessions and experiences that ease your mind, body, and soul. You’ll find a vast array of options out there, including yoga retreats, vegan programmes, and full rejuvenation packages. 

Here, we have curated a selection of the finest wellness retreats in Southeast Asia, where you can take your pick of paradises:

1. Onsen at Moncham – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Soak in natural hot springs & wind down in a traditional Japanese ryokan

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Onsen at Moncham
Image: Onsen at Moncham

Nestled within Chiang Mai’s mountains lies this Japanese-style onsen retreat, an idyllic destination for those seeking well-deserved solitude. It might have all the famed hospitality of the ever-affable Land of Smiles but five-star resort Onsen at Moncham clearly takes inspiration from traditional Japanese ryokans. 

Onsen at Moncham hot spring pool
Image: Onsen at Moncham

The onsen uses mineral water from a hundred metres below ground, a natural combination of copper, magnesium, zinc, and sulphur. It’s nature’s magical concoction to soothe and soften any body aches. Not only are there both indoor and outdoor pools, but there is also a karesansui garden – a Japanese dry garden filled with artfully placed rocks. 

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Onsen at Moncham room
Image: Onsen at Moncham

Room of choice: Stay in the Imperial Tatami Onsen Suite that comes with a private Japanese garden and living area with tatami mats – there’s also a private indoor-outdoor onsen.

Price: From S$258 per night 

Book a stay at Onsen at Moncham.

2. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay – Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam

Pamper yourself with traditional Vietnamese therapies

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay swimming pool
Image: Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

With Six Senses Ninh Van Bay located on a private stretch of beach and surrounded by picturesque mountains, life doesn’t get any better than this. After your convenient meet-and-greet at the airport, you’ll be ushered into a wellness haven. The spa is bound to be your first stop, where you’ll ease yourself into a multitude of traditional Vietnamese therapies.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay traditional massage
Image: Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Some unique treatments include the green coffee body treatment for skin tightening and the marine flora immersion for a deep cleanse. All herbs used come from their on-site medicinal herbal garden. Once your body’s soothed and relaxed, gear up for a holistic cleanse with a session of tai chi or pranayama yoga. 

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Six Senses Ninh Van Bay
Image: Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Room of choice: While you can choose beachfront or over-water villas, it’s the Rock Pool Villa that’s most breathtaking. Embedded within rock formations, this villa has its own hillside staircase and private plunge pool.Price: From $1,254 per night 

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3. The Farm at San Benito – Lipa City, Philippines

Get medically-supervised programmes & farm-to-table dining

The Farm at San Benito
Image: The Farm at San Benito

Although just a two-hour drive from the bustling city of Manila, The Farm at San Benito is a true oasis. At this wellness resort, lush greenery becomes a natural canopy. It’s a shield from the Phillipines’ warm weather, but take a breath of fresh air, and you’ll realise that it’s also a hideaway from life’s stressors. 

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia The Farm at San Benito fresh produce
Into healthy eating? Take a tour of the resort’s 5,700 square metre farm.
Image: The Farm at San Benito

Here, you’ll want to fully embrace the resort’s wellness programmes which includes a detox cleanse, weight management, raw food retreat, and even holistic cancer care. But medically supervised programmes aside, slot some time in at their award-winning spa where you can enjoy one-of-a-kind treatments like a cacao body wrap or a milk chocolate bath.

The Farm at San Benito Sulu Terrace
Image: The Farm at San Benito

Room of choice: You wouldn’t want to leave the Sulu Terrace, which resembles a modern-day tree house. It pays tribute to the Philippines’ traditional rice barns, complete with thatched roofs.

Price: From $299 per night 

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4. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat – Ipoh, Malaysia

Meditate in natural caves & enjoy a backdrop of limestone cliffs

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat
Image: The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat makes for a fantastical sight: shimmering limestone caves, a lush 22-acre valley, and a picture-perfect backdrop of mountain peaks. All the better when it’s just an easy 15-minute drive from Ipoh. Make sure to book yourself in for one of their exquisite wellness treatments – they’re held in age-old limestone caves, spanning from a thermal steam cave to a crystal cave.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat cave
Image: The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

The resort also has a restaurant that’s carved within a limestone hill. It’s a 260-million-year-old cave that’s lit by candles, a grand setting to savour a selection of organic and rare wines. Since no kids under the age of 12 years are allowed at the resort, you can be sure that your getaway is filled with complete tranquillity. 

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat waterfall
Image: The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

Room of choice: You’ll want to hole yourself up in the Grand Garden Villa for your entire visit – that’s how plush this 250 square metre abode is. Throw in mountain views and a private pool, and you’ve got a clear winner.

Price: From $423 per night

Book a stay at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat.

5. Amansara – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Explore temples on monk-led walks

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Amansara
Image: Amansara

The famed ruins of Cambodia’s Angkor temples are just minutes away from Amansara – you can explore by foot, bicycle, or a remork-motor, a motorcycle with a small trailer attached. While the ruins might be the main draw, this luxury resort is perfectly tranquil with grand suites and a reflection pond.

Amansara Siem Reap temples
Image: Amansara

Fill your days here with excursions to the temples and various other wellness activities, such as ritual water blessings and forest therapy. One that promises mental clarity is the monk-led forest walk, where you’ll be following one of the Angkor Wat’s master monks on his favourite trail. 

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Amansara spa ritual
Image: Amansara

Ladies, you’ll also want to book yourself in for the Apsara spa ritual that’s only for women. It includes a herbal full-body scrub, aromatic clay wrap, traditional Khmer mask, a stomach-tightening rice compress, and a mini facial.

Room of choice: Live it up in the Pool Suite, where you’ll have your own personal plunge pool and private garden courtyard. 

Price: From $2,446 per night

Book a stay at Amansara.

6. Jumeirah Bali – Bali, Indonesia

Cleanse yourself with a water purification ritual

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Jumeirah Bali
Image: Jumeirah Bali

Bali might be the unofficial mecca of all wellness resorts, but beach resort Jumeirah Bali is in a league of its own. Inspired by Javanese-Hindu water palaces, it’s a space where you can seek utter peace and happiness – a nirvana of sorts.

Jumeirah Bali - Swimming pool
Image: Jumeirah Bali

While unwinding by your own private pool is already beyond satisfying, the resort also offers a bevy of wellness activities. Join in a Melukat water purification ritual that’s led by a local priest, or enjoy a waterfall massage that’ll ease all aches. You can also take part in sound therapy, a sunrise or sunset meditation, and recharge with a master yogi. 

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Jumeirah Bali yoga
Image: Jumeirah Bali

Room of choice: It’s the Panoramic Ocean Villa that has our stamp of approval. Inspired by ancient Hindu sea temples, the villa has its own private pool overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Price: From $944

Book a stay at Jumeirah Bali.

7. Alba Wellness Resort by Fusion – Hue, Vietnam

Heal your chakras at a natural hot spring

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia - Alba Wellness Resort
Image: Alba Wellness Resort

Many flock over to the natural hot springs at Vietnam’s Hue, but few enjoy the experience while lodging at a top-tier wellness resort. At Alba Wellness Resort, soak your worries away in the onsen spas – the water comes straight from the ground and reaches a steamy 70 degrees Celsius.

Alba Wellness Resort meditation
Image: Alba Wellness Resort

Practise daily meditation with the Truong Son mountains as your stunning backdrop – here, you have wellness classes centred around forest meditation or chakra healing meditation. Save some time to spend at the spa, too, since they have unique treatments such as foot mapping, Siamese healing, and bamboo on the rock: a massage that uses a mix of warm bamboo and hot basalt stone.

Alba Wellness Resort bungalow
Image: Alba Wellness Resort

Room: A stay at the Zen Master Two-bedroom Bungalow will do wonders. As the chosen lodging by one of the locally renowned zen masters, the bungalow has its own private outdoor terrace and views of the zen garden. 

Price: From $203 per night

Book a stay at Alba Wellness Resort by Fusion.

8. The Namkhan – Luang Prabang, Laos

Book private breathwork sessions in your villa

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia The Namkhan yoga
Image: The Namkhan

The Namkhan is aptly named after the picturesque Nam Khan river it overlooks. At this eco-lodge, you’re surrounded by both nature and sacred sites – after all, Luang Prabang has over 34 temples that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There’s also an organic farm, readily supplying the farm-to-table restaurant with fresh produce. 

The Namkhan food
Image: The Namkhan

The resort has an outdoor yoga pavilion with daily yoga and qi gong classes. You can also book breathwork sessions at the pavilion or at your own villa, where you’ll consciously focus on taking deep breaths to reach a state of peace. Interestingly, there’s also a Finnish-style sauna that uses dry heat that might help with skin diseases and chronic pain.

The Namkhan room with river view
Image: The Namkhan

Room of choice: With the resort overlooking the river banks, it’s the River Suite that’s our top choice – especially since it has its own private garden.

Price: From $145 per night

Book a stay at The Namkhan.

9. The Datai Langkawi – Langkawi, Malaysia

Get in touch with nature with the Malay Wellness Journey

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia The Datai Langkawi
Image: The Datai Langkawi

Malaysia’s Datai Beach is heralded as one of the world’s top 10 beaches by National Geographic, so it’s little wonder that The Datai Langkawi is one of the best retreats near Singapore. It’s essentially a beach resort within a rainforest, with nature right at your doorstep. 

The Datai Langkawi meditation
Image: The Datai Langkawi

The spa adopts traditions of Malay culture, while also using the plants and herbs that’ve been foraged from the rainforest. You can also join a Malay Wellness Journey that starts at the break of dawn, that involves bathing in a forest creek, tucking into a wellness lunch, and enjoying a traditional massage. 

Rainforest pool villa at The Datai Langkawi
Image: The Datai Langkawi

Room of choice: For a memorable stay, book the Rainforest Pool Villa that’s raised on stilts. It’s just one of eight villas, with its own private pool. Price: From $930 per night

Book a stay at The Datai Langkawi.

10. Gdas Bali – Bali, Indonesia

Customise your own programme, surrounded by paddy fields

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Gdas Bali
Image: Gdas Bali

Think of Gdas Bali as not merely a five-star hotel, but rather, a holistic wellness programme – the plush king-size beds and sweeping paddy views are just the cherry on top. You can customise your own programme, or choose from a thoughtfully planned three, five, or nine-day itinerary. 

Gdas Bali meditation session
Image: Gdas Bali

Take the Balance Mind programme, which comes with everything fully prepared from plant-based meals to sunrise meditation. They’ll even lead you through a bedtime routine for optimal sleep. Pay The Bali Eden a visit too, a holistic trifecta of a spa, gym, and health suite. There are also various wellness facilities including a steam room, traditional bathhouse, and plunge pool. You’re sure to leave with a clear mind.

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Gdas Bali paddy fields
Image: Gdas Bali

Room of choice: Spend your time at the Prestige Pool Villa with panoramic views of rice paddy fields.

Price: From $306 per night

Book a stay at Gdas Bali.

11. Kamalaya – Koh Samui, Thailand

Indulge in an array of holistic wellness treatments

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Kamalaya
Image: Kamalaya

An enchanting resort set against the backdrop of a private beach in Thailand – it’s almost like something out of a fairytale. You’ll find more than 50 wellness professionals at Kamalaya, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands. To add to the otherworldly aura surrounding the entire resort, there’s also a centuries-old cave right in the middle, once used by Buddhist monks for rituals and ceremonies. 

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Kamalaya massage
Image: Kamalaya

With TCM doctors, master yogis, and wellness consultants, the resort combines holistic medical practices from both the East and West. You can design your own wellness programmes, from sleep enhancement to holistic well-being. For instance, a nine-night stay comes packed with 25 wellness treatments. 

Room of choice: The creme de la creme is the Rocktop Villa that’s at the very top of the hill. You’ll be tempted to spend the entire day lounging at your private outdoor terrace, but the room comes with a wellness consult, the use of steam caverns, and daily holistic classes.

Price: from $2,100 for three nights. A minimum stay of three nights is required.

Book a stay at Kamalaya.

12. Dusit Thani Laguna – Singapore 

Wind down with a relaxing game of golf 

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Dusit Thani Laguna pool
Image: The Smart Local

In an urban city like Singapore, you don’t expect sprawling greens. However, luxury golfing resort Dusit Thani Laguna is a gem among sky-high buildings, with an endless stretch of greenery. The star of the show is the immaculate golf course – two 18-hole golf courses, at that.

Dusit Thani Laguna golf course
Image: The Smart Local

After a round of golf, unwind at the award-winning spa. Opt for the milk and roses bath: you’ll not only smell divine, but it’s also a way to soothe any aches and pains. If you’re there for a weekend retreat, they have Holistic Sundays that are dedicated to restorative therapies, as guided by wellness coaches. 

Luxury wellness retreats southeast asia Dusit Thani Laguna room
Image: Dusit Thani Laguna

Room of choice: It doesn’t get any better than the Champion Suite, which has its own private wine cellar. You’re also entitled to a two-way transfer in a swanky Rolls Royce, and a private butler who can draw you a bath.

Price: From $307 per night

Book a stay at Dusit Thani Laguna.

Wellness getaways in Southeast Asia

No need to venture to far-flung destinations when we’ve got these luxury wellness retreats in Southeast Asia. Choose to commit to a curated wellness itinerary, or take it easy with body massages and spa treatments. Whichever it is, luxury is now at your doorstep with these nearby wellness retreats.

If you’re after more exclusive experiences, see if a private island getaway or a luxury cruise setting sail from Singapore might be on your travel bucket list too. 

Cover image: The Farm at San Benito